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  • Mainframe Acquires Sablier in Lending Protocol Pivot

    Mainframe – a decentralized communication platform – is pivoting to a new fixed-rate lending protocol through the advent of tokenized debt markets with its acquisition of Sablier. Since early July, @PaulRBerg has been working with us behind the scenes implementing the first version of our fixed-rate lending protocol. Check out our full announcement here:
    — Mainframe (@Mainframe_HQ) July 28, 2020 Sablier – a fan-favorite money streaming platform f… … More

  • ConsenSys Acquires Fluidity – Primary Developer Team Behind AirSwap

    ConsenSys – the Brooklyn-based Ethereum venture studio – acquired Fluidity, the team behind the Airswap DEX, and multiple asset tokenization technologies for the DeFi ecosystem.
    AirSwap was initially founded as a joint venture between ConsenSys and Fluidity back in 2017. The acquisition comes three years later after Fluidity completed its initial AirSwap roadmap as well as having built a range of money legos on Ethereum.
    The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. However, the t… … More