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  • High-fee Balancer Pools for Swing Trading

    Balancer pools are essentially self-balancing index funds that are continuously rebalanced. This rebalancing happens through arbitrageurs who are incentivized to trade with pools, and by doing that they sync the pool prices with those on the external market.Instead of investors in conventional index funds paying fees for managers to actively rebalance the funds, Balancer pools accrue fees for liquidity providers. Every time someone trades with a Balancer pool, a small fee is charged. If the pric… … More

  • Balancer Liquidity Mining Begins

    The proposal of distributing Balancer Governance Tokens (BALs) to liquidity providers on Balancer has received very positive feedback across the board. Some interesting questions have been discussed on our discord channel, and one common desire by the community has become clear: before liquidity mining starts, a tool for the creation of custom pools was necessary. This would ensure no one would be left out.Pool Creation ToolEven though Balancer Labs had already made available a step by step tuto… … More

  • Proposing Balancer Liquidity Mining

    TL;DR: Balancer Labs proposes community owned Balancer Protocol Governance Tokens (BAL): liquidity mining schedule, mechanics, and motivation.Since inception, our goal at Balancer Labs has been to decentralize and diversify governance of the Balancer Protocol. We have looked into several approaches and designs, and have landed on an approach we are proud to share: the Balancer Protocol Governance Token (BAL).We believe alignment between token holders and protocol stakeholders is crucial for succ… … More

  • Bonding Surfaces

    After well over a year of work, Balancer Labs has released the Balancer Protocol Whitepaper. We have… … More