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  • Kyber Ecosystem Report #17

    Hello fellow KyberiansIt’s finally happened! On July 7th we launched the KyberDAO and the Katalyst upgrade and we’ve been truly humbled by the level of interest you’ve shown in participating and governing Kyber’s future. Off the bat a quarter of all circulating KNC, worth more than $80 million, was staked in the KyberDAO and in what we believe is an Ethereum-wide high, more than 2,500 of you cast your vote in epoch one to decide on how the collected network fees should be allocated and we thank … … More

  • Formally Verifying the Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 Specifications

    An update from ConsenSys R&D on their effort to bring trustworthiness to the Beacon Chain and the core foundations of Eth2.The Automated Verification team on ConsenSys R&D have been working on a formal specification and verification of the Beacon Chain for a few months. We are happy to report that lots of progress has been made and although not complete yet, we have managed to develop a solid and formally verified kernel of the Beacon Chain. For the first time, our work provides an unmat… … More

  • Nervos approves Obsidian Labs grant for Windows and browser-based IDE

    After much anticipation, we’re excited to announce that we’ve approved Nervos Grants Program recipient Obsidian Labs to expand CKB Studio support to Windows developers and release a web browser-based version of the IDE later this year.The news comes after Obsidian Labs was awarded its first grant to create an easy-to-use IDE for Nervos developers earlier this year. The two new developments will make it easier and faster than ever for the Nervos community to build dApps and contribute to the Nerv… … More

  • Nervos Community Update: July 2020

    From ecosystem integrations to partnership announcements to CKB development updates, July has been packed with exciting updates. While we release network updates on a regular basis, moving forward we’ll bring you a monthly roundup of the latest updates from the Nervos Foundation, our ecosystem and development team, and you — our community.Below are the monthly highlights and latest updates from Nervos.Nervos integrates with China’s Blockchain-based Services Network (BSN)We’re excited to announce… … More

  • Highlights from Nervos’ Beyond Consensus Meetup in Shenzhen

    Earlier this week, we held our latest Beyond Consensus meetup in Shenzhen.The event was attended by dozens of local blockchain enthusiasts, as well as co-founders and team members from some of the most exciting projects in the space, including Chainlink, Celer, Portal Wallet, Tocial, Iosg, and CKB Bar.Nervos’ mining community manager DC discusses how Nervos is attracting more developers to the community by embracing a variety of programming languages.During the event, Frank from Lay2, the team b… … More

  • How Tocial plans to help cosplayers monetize with Nervos’ help

    Spike from Tocial speaks at Beyond Consensus in Shenzhen.We recently announced the first cohort for our blockchain incubator CKLabs. After evaluating dozens of applications, we ultimately chose to support two emerging projects, including photo sharing social platform Tocial.Tocial — which is currently in closed beta with more than 20,000 users — enables cosplayers and other creators to share photos, gain followers, and monetize their work all in one place. While the co-founders Spike and Ted and… … More

  • Grin Community Collaboration to Bring Mimblewimble to Nervos

    We’re pleased to officially announce our plans to support the Mimblewimble protocol on Nervos. Mimblewimble is a technology that will enable Nervos users to transact privately using CKB or any other Nervos-supported tokens without revealing the participants and amounts of the exchange.The origins of MimblewimbleMimblewimble was created in 2016 by anonymous individuals using pseudonyms taken from the popular Harry Potter fictional universe. The technology they released was nothing short of a brea… … More

  • DeFi Is Doing to Money What Email Did to the Postal Service

    An excerpt from our recent Ethereum ecosystem report on the exponential opportunity of decentralized finance.The following is an excerpt of DeFi Dad’s closing commentary from the Q2 Ethereum DeFi Report. For tutorials on DeFi basics, yield farming, and more, check out his YouTube Channel.Years from now, I believe Q2 2020 will be looked upon as a turning point in the rise of DeFi and a cementing of Ethereum’s inescapable network effects. Everything worth building is being built on Ethereum, and t… … More

  • Nervos kicks off first CKLabs cohort with Portal Wallet and Tocial

    A few months ago we launched CKLabs, an incubator for early-stage startups and blockchain teams that want to build and scale with the Nervos ecosystem. We received dozens of applications from all kinds of dApp projects for our structured four-month program. Though it was a hard decision to make, we’re pleased to announce we’ve chosen two projects — Portal Wallet and Tocial — to be part of our first cohort.Through CKLabs, we’re able to give teams a deep dive into the Nervos infrastructure and the… … More

  • The State of the Ethereum Network: 5 Years Running

    Looking back on the first five years of our ecosystem’s quest to upgrade the Internet.First, no one’s heard of you.Then they’ve heard of you but think you’re nuts.Then they understand your product, but think it has no opportunity.Then they view your product as a toy.Then they see it as an amazing toy.Then they start using it.Then they couldn’t imagine life without it.–Morgan Housel, “When You Change the World and No One Notices”No One’s Heard of YouEthereum is now the most actively developed, mo… … More

  • Nervos joins Coinbase’s Rosetta to simplify blockchain integration

    While the blockchain space is ripe for innovation, there are some barriers that can slow development. One of the major obstacles for developers is blockchain integration.That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new integration with Rosetta, an open source toolkit from Coinbase designed to make blockchain integration simpler and more effective.Through the integration, Nervos developers will be able to build on Nervos CKB — the layer 1, proof of work public blockchain protocol of the Nervos Netwo… … More

  • Introducing the Deposit Launch Pad for Ethereum 2.0

    Codefi Activate and the Ethereum Foundation’s Eth2 Launch Pad, now in testnet phase, is designed for self-validators who intend to stake 32 ETH into Ethereum 2.0’s official deposit contract.Like all great missions, launching the world computer of tomorrow requires a platform that guides, strengthens, and fuels its journey across the bounds of our digital space. Today, we are excited to announce the go-live of the Eth2 Launch Pad application, which marks the entry point for validators to commence… … More

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