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  • PegaSys Teku: Ethereum 2.0 Staking for Enterprise

    An overview of PegaSys’ enterprise-grade Ethereum 2.0 client for staking.Ethereum 2.0 and StakingAnticipated to launch in 2020, Ethereum 2.0 is the next phase in the evolution of the Ethereum blockchain. Unique to Ethereum 2.0 is the opportunity for participants (validators) to stake ETH on the network and receive rewards for their contribution to securing the chain. This mechanism — known as Proof of Stake — provides unique opportunities for developers, ETH holders, and businesses to engage wit… … More

  • 30 Blockchain Platform Technical Factors

    Key technical aspects to consider when choosing a blockchain platform for your business use case.By Clemens Wan, Solution Architect at ConsenSysIf your choice of blockchain platform has less to do with the business factors (see 30 Blockchain Platform Business Factors), then perhaps you’re looking at some of the technical aspects for your use case. This list of 30 runs through blockchain-specific questions that should be top of mind when vetting a platform.DevOps / Network / Deployment / Protocol… … More

  • 30 Blockchain Platform Business Factors

    Key considerations for choosing the optimal enterprise blockchain platform for your business use case.By Clemens Wan, Solution Architect at ConsenSysWhen picking a blockchain platform that’s “ledger-appropriate” to your business use case, you likely want to do some due diligence and create a rubric that justifies your business and technical choices to your stakeholders and team. Here are some business factors that might be considered for your platform choice (for technical considerations, read 3… … More

  • Infographic: Benefits of Blockchain in the Financial Services Industry

    From tokenization to consortium networks, here’s an overview of how blockchain technology is improving operational efficiency and reducing risk in financial services.Over the past few years, blockchain technology has been adopted by an increasing number of major financial institutions seeking to streamline business processes, launch trusted business networks, and create and manage digital assets. Here’s an overview of current pain points and inefficiencies in the financial services industry and … … More

  • Key Considerations for a Successful Enterprise Blockchain Platform

    The benefits of blockchain solutions for business, platform comparisons, and how Ethereum can meet your enterprise needs.Subscribe to the ConsenSys newsletter to get the latest enterprise blockchain news, resources, and products straight to your inbox.Why Does Your Business Need a Blockchain Solution?Blockchain technology has become an essential part of the enterprise software stack for organizations that want to streamline business processes and issue digital assets. Not all organizations need … … More

  • The Complete Guide to Blockchain Business Networks

    Download our latest guide on the benefits of decentralized networks for enterprise consortia.Our new Guide to Blockchain Business Networks is designed for enterprises that want to understand the proven benefits of decentralized networks for business use cases and how they compare to traditional business networks. This guide also offers best practices for creating a successful blockchain business network for your organization and industry.BBNs can be leveraged by organizations of any size, and fo… … More

  • BitLicense Creator Is Back, This Time With a $140 Million Bitcoin Fund

    It has been revealed that the architect of the controversial BitLicense, Benjamin Lawsky, may have leveraged his position as a lawmaker to help serve a Bitcoin fund.
    Bitlicense Has Its Benefits
    A recent SEC filing revealed Lawsky is now part of a $140 million Bitcoin fund, which is also using the BitLicense. In the SEC filing of the fund, NYDIG ASSET ADVISORY LLC is listed as the fund’s general partner.
    Ben Lawsky is listed as an elected manager and controlling person of the adv… … More

  • Bitfinex Announces Staking Rewards for EOS, Cosmos, and More

    Bitfinex today announced the launch of its Staking Rewards Program for various digital assets. At current, users can earn up to 10% per year by depositing EOS, Cosmos’ Atom, and V Systems token, VSYS.Earn Staking Rewards on BitfinexEarning on dormant tokens has become the latest, must-have feature for various crypto businesses. Now, it appears that Bitifinex is joining the bandwagon. As per a press release shared with Crypto Briefing, users will be able to lock up their digital assets and begin … … More

  • CoinTracker Counts 100,000 Users Using Crypto Tax Service

    CoinTracker has announced that the company now counts over 100,000 users who use the crypto tax service. In March, the company also partnered with additional industry leaders, including Lolli, Casa, Compound, IDEX,, and ErisX, to continue attracting users to the platform. Making Crypto Taxes SimpleIn the United States, many in the crypto space are aware of the trials and tribulations of doing business in Bitcoin. The primary obstacle has been clarity on the tax status of various digit… … More