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  • pTokens Launches pNetwork DAO with PNT Staking

    pTokens – a trustless bridge for interoperability – has summoned its DAO to handle all protocol governance using PNT tokens. It’s official! The #pNetwork DAO has launched!
    Join the next-level community of $PNT holders!
    Stake, vote, and earn up to 42% APR in staking rewards
    — pTokens (@pTokens_io) July 31, 2020 Built by Provable Things, pNetwork offers a platform to port assets to and from Ethereum using wrappers called… … More

  • Bancor V2 Goes Live – New Liquidity Pools, Interface and more!

    Bancor – a rising liquidity aggregator – has shipped it’s V2 protocol upgrade starting with capped liquidity for select token pairs. #BancorV2 Launches
    — Bancor (@Bancor) July 31, 2020 Boasting a new interface resembling the likes of Uniswap, Balancer, and Kyber, Bancor V2 is underpinned by an innovative new liquidity pool structure said to offer 20x liquidity amplification relative to other AMMs.
    In the spirit of user safety, liquidity pools are … … More

  • Synthetix Dissolves Foundation in Favor of Community DAOs

    Synthetix – the leading derivatives exchange – has decommissioned its foundation in favor of a suite of community-operated DAOs. The Synthetix Foundation has been decommisioned. The protocol is now under the control of three distinct DAO’s: the protocolDAO, the grantsDAO, and the synthetixDAO.
    — Synthetix (@synthetix_io) July 28, 2020 While Synthetix has always been a leader of decentralized governance, this transition is about the furthest the proto… … More

  • Aragon Launches ANT Yield Farming for Uniswap V2 Liquidity

    Aragon – the leading protocol for DAO creation – has joined the yield farming discussion with new liquidity rewards for its native governance token – ANT. The ANT liquidity rewards program is live! You can now provide ANT liquidity on Uniswap and get rewarded for it The clock for rewards will start ticking tomorrow July 22nd at 3pm UTC. Read more and stake your ANT!
    — Aragon (@AragonProject) July 21, 2020 Aragon’s new liquidity rewards p… … More

  • KeeperDAO Launches Pooled Liquidations & Arbitrage for DeFi

    KeeperDAO – an automated keeper pool – launched  v1 of its protocol for pooled liquidations, rebalances, and arbitrage in DeFi. KeeperDAO v1 is live!
    — KeeperDAO (@Keeper_DAO) July 18, 2020 The project aims to alleviate DeFi liquidity issues – especially in times of market stress – by providing a ready-to-use liquidity pool for flash loan-like transactions.
    KeeperDAO cited the March 12th cryptocurrency market crash as a prime example of when it would h… … More

  • Rarible Launches NFT Governance Token With RARI Liquidity Mining

    Rarible – a leading NFT exchange – has announced details for a native governance token, RARI. Welcome $RARI: the first governance token in the NFT space, designed to reward active creators and collectors with a voice in Rarible’s future. Make proposals, vote, curate, moderate –– the power is in your hands now.
    Learn more:
    — Rarible (@rariblecom) July 15, 2020 As one of the first to tokenize governance rights in the NFT se… … More

  • Tornado Cash Launches a DAO to Fund Privacy on Ethereum

    Tornado Cash – the decentralized privacy protocol on Ethereum – announced the launch of Tornado Fund, a fund focused on investing and developing the privacy-preserving technology. Today, we’re announcing Tornado Fund, a DAO to invest in @TornadoCash. Support the development of the first, fully decentralized privacy-preserving technology for #Ethereum.
    — Tornado.Fund (@Tornado_Fund) July 1, 2020 For those unfamiliar, Tornado Cash is a non-custodial p… … More

  • Curve Releases Blueprint for CurveDAO and CRV Governance Token

    Curve – a leading liquidity aggregator – has just released the first iteration of their framework for their upcoming governance token – CRV. 6 months later. Here you are guys! Technical implementation of $CRV & #CurveDAO from @CurveFinance. Going live when audit is done
    DAO based on @AragonProjectTime-weighted voting+boostinflation: √2/ yearLiquidity gauges for LP, insurance etc
    — Julien Bouteloup (@bneiluj) June 30, … … More

  • Kyber Announces Katalyst Upgrade for July 7th

    Kyber Network – one of the leading DeFi DEXs – announced its highly anticipated Katalyst upgrade is set to go live next week on July 7th. We are thrilled to announce that Katalyst and @KyberDAO will go live on the 7th of July, 7am GMT! This will usher in an exciting new era for Kyber, with technical improvements that will help enhance liquidity for #DeFi ! us:
    — Kyber Network (@KyberNetwork) June 29,… … More

  • DeFi Governance Tokens Heat Up: pNetwork & Curve DAO

    For those who have been keeping up with DeFi Rate, you’ve surely heard us talk ad nauseam about the growing trend of DeFi products tokenizing governance rights over major protocol roles and decisions. In the past 48 hours, we saw two more projects – pTokens and Curve – join the movement. Introducing the pNetwork and $PNT! With a commitment towards progressive #decentralization, here’s how we’re building a truly decentralized system.
    — pT… … More

  • DAO Legal Battle: Aragon vs Autark Community Grant Dispute

    When it comes to the growing DAO movement, virtually all of our coverage has been sunshine and rainbows. With the rare exception of DigixDAO, we’ve yet to see any major contention when it comes to distributed communities fighting for a common goal. However, we just saw one of the first major DAO disagreements in the form of a legal dispute between Aragon – a leading DAO provider – and Autark, a project building coordination tools for digital cooperatives. 1/ Today, we disclose… … More

  • MetaCartel Ventures Makes First Investment into Reflexer Labs RAI

    Today, MetaCartel Ventures – the DAO-based venture capital fund  – announced its first major investment into Reflexer Labs and its project RAI, a reflex bond bringing volatility-minimization to the underlying asset. 【r】【a】【i】
    A NEW MONEY GOD IS COMING.@MetaCoinProject
    — METACARTEL VENTURES (@VENTURE_DAO) May 18, 2020 While stablecoins have quickly grown to prominence over the past two years, we’ve seen some issues arise surrounding their respecti… … More

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