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  • Tornado Cash Launches a DAO to Fund Privacy on Ethereum

    Tornado Cash – the decentralized privacy protocol on Ethereum – announced the launch of Tornado Fund, a fund focused on investing and developing the privacy-preserving technology. Today, we’re announcing Tornado Fund, a DAO to invest in @TornadoCash. Support the development of the first, fully decentralized privacy-preserving technology for #Ethereum.
    — Tornado.Fund (@Tornado_Fund) July 1, 2020 For those unfamiliar, Tornado Cash is a non-custodial p… … More

  • Curve Releases Blueprint for CurveDAO and CRV Governance Token

    Curve – a leading liquidity aggregator – has just released the first iteration of their framework for their upcoming governance token – CRV. 6 months later. Here you are guys! Technical implementation of $CRV & #CurveDAO from @CurveFinance. Going live when audit is done
    DAO based on @AragonProjectTime-weighted voting+boostinflation: √2/ yearLiquidity gauges for LP, insurance etc
    — Julien Bouteloup (@bneiluj) June 30, … … More

  • Kyber Announces Katalyst Upgrade for July 7th

    Kyber Network – one of the leading DeFi DEXs – announced its highly anticipated Katalyst upgrade is set to go live next week on July 7th. We are thrilled to announce that Katalyst and @KyberDAO will go live on the 7th of July, 7am GMT! This will usher in an exciting new era for Kyber, with technical improvements that will help enhance liquidity for #DeFi ! us:
    — Kyber Network (@KyberNetwork) June 29,… … More

  • DeFi Governance Tokens Heat Up: pNetwork & Curve DAO

    For those who have been keeping up with DeFi Rate, you’ve surely heard us talk ad nauseam about the growing trend of DeFi products tokenizing governance rights over major protocol roles and decisions. In the past 48 hours, we saw two more projects – pTokens and Curve – join the movement. Introducing the pNetwork and $PNT! With a commitment towards progressive #decentralization, here’s how we’re building a truly decentralized system.
    — pT… … More

  • DAO Legal Battle: Aragon vs Autark Community Grant Dispute

    When it comes to the growing DAO movement, virtually all of our coverage has been sunshine and rainbows. With the rare exception of DigixDAO, we’ve yet to see any major contention when it comes to distributed communities fighting for a common goal. However, we just saw one of the first major DAO disagreements in the form of a legal dispute between Aragon – a leading DAO provider – and Autark, a project building coordination tools for digital cooperatives. 1/ Today, we disclose… … More

  • MetaCartel Ventures Makes First Investment into Reflexer Labs RAI

    Today, MetaCartel Ventures – the DAO-based venture capital fund  – announced its first major investment into Reflexer Labs and its project RAI, a reflex bond bringing volatility-minimization to the underlying asset. 【r】【a】【i】
    A NEW MONEY GOD IS [email protected]
    — METACARTEL VENTURES (@VENTURE_DAO) May 18, 2020 While stablecoins have quickly grown to prominence over the past two years, we’ve seen some issues arise surrounding their respecti… … More

  • Zora Drops $TAPE An RAC Album Token – Should We Celebrate?

    Yesterday afternoon, the highly praised project Zora debuted $TAPE – a bonding-curve based token represented a limited-edition cassette of producer RAC’s new album BOY. ⋆  ..     * ✹      ..  + ✵   ✫ * ˚      ˚   *     ✺  ·   ˚     *      ˚ $TAPE BY @RAC IS LIVE ON ZORA.    · ·   ˚       ✺ . ˚   * ·    ⋆  ~ ~
    — Zora (@ourZORA) May 11, 2020 “There will only be … … More

  • The LAO Launches a Legally Compliant For-Profit Investment DAO

    The LAO – a legally compliant for-profit invest DAO created by OpenLaw – has officially launched on Ethereum mainnet. Let’s re-build how we capitalize new ventures. The journey to build a new, permissionless Silicon Valley for the Web3 begins with The LAO. THE LAO IS LIVE TODAY!
    Get approval here and then register in a matter a few clicks!
    — (@TheLAOOfficial) April 28, 2020 With a strong focus on allowing members to pool capital and invest in cutting… … More

  • Everest Launches a DeFi Token Curated Registry: Crypto Crunchbase

    As the Ethereum ecosystem continues to thrive, there’s an increasing need for tools to keep track of the widespread amount of innovation across so many different sectors.
    Today, Everest launched a decentralized registry that allows projects to provide referencable onchain data thanks to the ERC-1056 identity standard. Using the Everest subgraph, other applications can showcase project details, eventually adding things like job listing, community events and blog posts. 1/ Everest is a univ… … More

  • Compound Governance Bid

    With last week’s launch of Compound’s governance token along with our recent announcement surrounding DeFi Rate’s Governance initiative, it should come as little surprise that we’re pursuing Compound as our first DeFi political campaign. 1/ Today we’re excited to publicly announce our initiative towards becoming a leading #DeFi governance delegate Full announcement
    — DeFi Rate (@DefiRate) April 20, 2020  
    This article will go into why we believe DeFi Rate wo… … More

  • Rocket LP DAO Unveils ENS-Backed NFT Loan

    Rocket – an NFT lending DAO – shares the first Ethereum Name Service (ENS)-backed loan to the world. Rocket signs off the first ever domain name backed loan – @ensdomains x @RocketNFT Loan– $1,000 of ETH loaned to @BrantlyMillegan– “Brantly.eth” is the collateral, also the loanee first name– 15% interests due– Duration: 3 months
    Read more:
    — Rocket (@RocketNFT) April 15, 2020  
    Brantly Millegan – COO of ENS R… … More

  • Compound COMP Governance Goes Live

    Compound – the permissionless cryptocurrency lending platform – has replaced the administrative controls of the Compound protocol with community governance. We’re extremely proud to announce that community governance has replaced the administrator of the Compound protocol. From this point forward, all changes (from supported assets, to system parameters) will originate from COMP token-holders.
    — Compound (@compoundfinance) April 16, 2020 With commun… … More

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