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  • Debuts Pool Pipes for DeFi Liquidity Management at HackMoney

    Zapper – a community-leading DeFi asset management platform – has just debuted a new feature called Pool Pipes as their submission for the ETHGlobal HackMoney DeFi Virtual Hackathon. Today we’re excited to introduce our submission for @ETHGlobal hackathon: Pool Pipes!Pool pipes seamlessly re-balance liquidity between pools to save time & help reduce liquidity fragmentation in DeFi: does it work? Let’s explore some use cases:… … More

  • Meet Zapper: DeFiZap + DeFiSnap Merger!

    In an age when crypto companies are continually duking it out to take market share from one another, it’s refreshing to see DeFi projects take composability to the next level.
    This week, we saw the merger of DeFiZap and DeFiSnap – two consumer-friendly products focused on making DeFi easier and more accessible to nontechnical users. EXCITING NEWS: @DeFiSnap + @DeFi_Zap are merging to create – the ultimate hub for DeFi
    Website:… … More