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  • SNX Surges as Synthetix Debuts Binary Options with Acrux Upgrade

    Synthetix – the sector leading derivatives protocol – has officially released native binary options as part of the Acrux upgrade. We’re excited to announce that the Acrux release is now complete and binary options are now live at! 1/3
    — Synthetix (@synthetix_io) June 30, 2020 Last week, we recapped the latest Synthetix community call in which prominent community members expressed very optimistic opinions about the future… … More

  • Price Discovery in the Bitcoin Spot & Derivatives Markets

    by Luisa Eguren, Bryan Fondufe, Caleb Hogan and Claire MatthewsIntroductionAs four first year MBA students at the MIT Sloan School of Management, we worked with the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology to determine the nexus of price discovery between the bitcoin spot and derivatives markets as part of Blockchain Lab, an action-learning lab offered by MIT. To answer this question, we performed field research with individuals both in traditional financial markets and in crypto markets, as well … … More

  • UMA Launches New Synthetic for Shorting COMP

    UMA – a decentralized protocol establishing a generalized framework for creating synthetic assets – launched yCOMP to provide DeFi users with the ability to short COMP, Compound‘s native governance token. 1/ Synthetic $COMP (yCOMP) is live on mainnet. It is now possible to permissionlessly short $COMP.
    — UMA (@UMAprotocol) June 26, 2020 With Compound surging to over a $2B valuation within weeks of launch, the introduction of a token allowing users to gain “short… … More

  • Synthetix Governance Call Recap: SNX Surges Ahead of Acrux

    Synthetix‘s recent governance call sparked a wave of new interest in the leading derivatives protocol. Coming out of the call, many prominent DeFi Twitter personalities highlighted their bullish outlook on the future of Synthetix given the numerous upcoming launches that will drastically expand the protocol’s product offerings. I haven’t been as active and involved in the @synthetix_io community recently but the latest governance call completely reignites my bullishness again.
    T… … More

  • Opyn Closes $2.16M Seed Round for DeFi Options Protocol & Opyn V2

    Opyn – a rising options protocol – has just closed a $2.16M seed round lead by Dragonfly Capital. Today, we at @dragonfly_cap are excited to announce our investment in @opyn_’s seed round! So thrilled to be able to work with @AlexisGauba @aparnalocked and @snarkyzk
    — Tom Schmidt (@tomhschmidt) June 22, 2020 For those unfamiliar, Opyn has been making strong headway with their ETH options, giving users the ability to buy or sell puts and calls on di… … More

  • dYdX Adds USDT Support Using Curve for Bitcoin Perpetual Futures

    dYdX – an industry-leading derivatives DEX – has added support for USDT in their highly acclaimed permissionless Bitcoin Perpetual Futures. 1/ NEW: USDT deposits & withdrawals are now live on the dYdX BTC Perpetual.
    Effective today, we are also renaming the Perpetual Market to BTC-USD.
    Under the hood, USDC will continue to be held as the margin/settlement asset for the BTC Perpetual.
    — dYdX (@dydxprotocol) June 17, 2020 Fo… … More

  • Opium Exchange Launches Pre-market Options for Governance Tokens

    In the past few months, we’ve seen a new wave of token models emerge surrounding DeFi governance.
    In case you’re unfamiliar, the Simple Agreement for Future Governance (SAFG) is a simple, yet elegant token model that allows protocol teams in virtually any jurisdiction to distribute tokens to their users. These tokens are generally non-transferable and have no economic rights, solely representing voting power in future protocol changes.
    While these tokens don’t seem attractive o… … More

  • Synthetix Adds SNX Balancer Incentives + Liquidations with Altair & Halite

    Synthetix – the sector-leading derivatives protocol – has just unveiled a set of new features and upgrades as a result of the Altair and Halite releases including Balancer Liquidy incentives. The synthetixDAO is funding a four-week trial to incentivise a new SNX/USDC 90/10 liquidity pool on @BalancerLabs!
    — Synthetix (@synthetix_io) June 5, 2020 Halite Upgrades
    Starting with the Halite product release, the protocol implemented a number of front-end im… … More

  • Understanding Perpetual Market Funding

    At the heart of each perpetual market is the funding rate. The funding rate helps keep the price of a perpetual close to its index price by incentivizing traders to buy when the price is low relative to the index and to sell when the price is high relative to the index. Without a well-designed funding rate, the price of the perpetual may deviate systematically from the index price, which may make the perpetual less efficient and riskier to trade, and may disincentivize liquidity providers. While… … More

  • UMA Lauches First Priceless Synthetic Token: ETHBTC Backed by DAI

    UMA – a sector-rising derivatives protocol – has just released its first priceless synthetic token – ETHBTC – on mainnet. ETHBTC Synthetic Token is LIVE on Mainnet This is the first “priceless” synthetic token created using UMA’s infrastructure. You can now bet on ETH outperforming BTC—tokens are on Uniswap v2.
    Read on for details + why this is important for #DeFi …
    — UMA (@UMAprotocol) May 20, 2020 For those unfamiliar … … More

  • Comparing Perpetual Markets

    Perpetual markets are far and away the most liquid avenues to access cryptocurrency exposure. Ushered into the ecosystem by derivatives exchange BitMEX, perpetual markets now facilitate billions in daily turnover across exchanges all over the world, with a record $45 billion in volume transacted on March 12th, 2020. Perpetual markets have outpaced spot markets for myriad reasons, but the primary levers pulling in traders include high leverage, margining in crypto instead of fiat, and no expiry (… … More

  • UMA x Token Terminal: Interview with Allison Lu

    In this blog series, we interview founders from the crypto space to learn more about them and the products they’re building. For our fourth post, we sat down with Allison Lu, the co-founder of UMA. UMA, which stands for Universal Market Access, is a protocol that enables users to create synthetic assets.In this interview, we go through topics ranging from the team’s current product focus to future plans.What is UMA?UMA is an open-source “Priceless” financial contracts platform built on top of Et… … More

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