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  • This Week in DeFi – August 7th

    To our DeFi Community,
    Another week is in the books and the creative niches of DeFi are starting to explode.
    What started as liquidity mining for DeFi protocols like Compound and Balancer has now turned into a full-on trend for other tokens to use to their advantage. At its core, the premise of rewarding users for value-added actions makes perfect sense. We’ve seen many projects reward LPs for DEX liquidity and this doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.
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  • dYdX Adds USDT Support Using Curve for Bitcoin Perpetual Futures

    dYdX – an industry-leading derivatives DEX – has added support for USDT in their highly acclaimed permissionless Bitcoin Perpetual Futures. 1/ NEW: USDT deposits & withdrawals are now live on the dYdX BTC Perpetual.
    Effective today, we are also renaming the Perpetual Market to BTC-USD.
    Under the hood, USDC will continue to be held as the margin/settlement asset for the BTC Perpetual.
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  • This Week in DeFi – May 1st

    To Our DeFi Community,
    Another week in DeFi officially in the books!
    The most notable event this week was UMA – the permissionless derivatives and synthetic assets protocol – launching an Initial Uniswap Offering. For those that missed it, the offering deposited 2% of the 100M UMA supply into Uniswap along with roughly $500k in ETH, allowing anyone to participate. As a result, the token distribution event saw massive demand as UMA tokens were quickly soaked up from the open market. W… … More

  • This Week in DeFi – April 24th

    To Our DeFi Community,
    Another week in the world of DeFi in the books! Per usual, it’s been filled with excitement and innovation.
    The week started off with a bang as dForce – the Multicoin-backed Chinese DeFi startup – was hacked for $25M. The attacker leveraged what’s called a “reentrancy attack” via the ERC777 token standard which also allowed for the imBTC Uniswap exploit just a day prior. The attack comes the same week the dForce team closed their strateg… … More

  • dYdX Launches Perpetual Contracts – 10x Leverage on BTC-USDC

    dYdX – the permissionless margin trading platform – just announced it’s first set of decentralized perpetual contracts, starting with the BTC–USDC pair with up to 10x leverage. 1/ Today we’re excited to announce that the most popular trading product in all of crypto is coming to dYdX.
    Introducing Perpetual Contract Markets on dYdX…
    BTC/USDC with up to 10x leverage!
    Sign up for early access to our alpha + learn more:
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