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  • Build Sustainable DApps with your own X Blaster with Custom Fees

    TLDR: Integrating DEX.AG’s X Blaster with custom fees into your platform provides your users or smart contract with convenient native liquidity while allowing you to build a sustainable business model. Liquidity is vital for the growth of DeFi Users want to experience all DeFi has to offer. But often times to do that you need to swap between tokens or stablecoins. Liquidity is an important resource that enables DeFi’s composability and makes it possible for many DApps to func… … More

  • DeFi Dive: UMA – a DeFi platform built to enable Universal Market Access

    Today, we interview UMA co-founder Allison Lu who talks about her and her team’s mission to bring market access to everyone through synthetic asset tokens, decentralized oracles, and priceless financial contracts. How did you get your start in crypto and what inspired you to build your project, product, or service? Starting in late-2017, my co-founder Hart and I were exploring various ideas for blockchain-based solutions to problems within the financial services industry. Our me… … More

  • Social Money

    Lately there’s been some buzz around the concept of social money in the crypto space. If you&… … More