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  • 4 Ways Blockchain Technology Simplifies Syndicated Loans

    How blockchain solves for specific challenges in the syndicated loans market.Every year, global capital markets handle billions of dollars in syndicated loans. The large size of these loans requires the involvement of many banks and financial entities, resulting in increased liability and cost from manual stakeholder coordination. Blockchain-enabled digitization and standardization provides solutions unique to the problems faced by the syndicated loans market.Streamlined Issuance, Servicing, and… … More

  • PegaSys Teku: Ethereum 2.0 Staking for Enterprise

    An overview of PegaSys’ enterprise-grade Ethereum 2.0 client for staking.Ethereum 2.0 and StakingAnticipated to launch in 2020, Ethereum 2.0 is the next phase in the evolution of the Ethereum blockchain. Unique to Ethereum 2.0 is the opportunity for participants (validators) to stake ETH on the network and receive rewards for their contribution to securing the chain. This mechanism — known as Proof of Stake — provides unique opportunities for developers, ETH holders, and businesses to engage wit… … More

  • What Is Retail Central Bank Digital Currency?

    Key principles of retail CBDC and the state of central bank blockchain adoption around the world.By Matthieu Saint Olive, ConsenSysIf you’re following innovations in finance and cryptocurrency, you might have heard an inordinate amount of buzz around the concept of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). But it’s sometimes quite difficult to understand which central banks are furthest along in creating a CBDC and what the key design principles they are considering. The objective of this post is … … More

  • ConsenSys Launches Codefi Compliance

    Introducing Codefi Compliance, an automated and agile regulatory and compliance platform for digital assets.ConsenSys announced today the launch of Codefi Compliance, an automated and agile regulatory and compliance platform for digital assets. Codefi Compliance is a new offering in the Codefi product suite, which collectively powers commerce and finance by optimizing business processes and digitizing financial instruments. As a next-generation solution for anti-money laundering (AML) and counte… … More

  • How Crypto Contracts Disrupt Financial Services

    Software and the internet have had a relatively low disruptive impact on the financial services industry. Sure — consumer expectations have changed, and banks are doing what they can to match the online experience of the highly customizable, on-demand internet services people have grown accustomed to — but businesses models have persisted.This is in stark contrast to the complete disruption experienced by many other industries, from retail commerce to hospitality to media. The music industry pro… … More