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  • YAM Shuts Down Within 48 Hours, $750K yCRV Lost

    Yam Finance has been abruptly buried in less than 2 days of action, following a failure in the rebasing portion of its code. $750,000 yCRV tokens are believed to be stuck in the protocol, indefinitely.
    — Yam Finance (@YamFinance) August 13, 2020 The team has since released an update on their now-failed rescue attempt of the protocol and what comes next for the project.
    Yam Finance broke all sorts of DeFi records, peaking at over $600 million in total locked value … … More

  • Introducing Yam Finance: Yield Farmers Paradise

    There’s a new yield farming protocol in town and it’s taking some of the best practices in DeFi and governance today. YAM: An Experiment in Fair Farming, Governance, and Elasticity
    — Yam Finance (@YamFinance) August 11, 2020 YAM is an elastic supply crypto asset, similar to Ampleforth (AMPL), where the supply expands and contracts in response to market conditions with the aim of targeting a 1 USD peg per YAM. One of the interesting differentiators abou… … More

  • Introducing APY.Finance Tokenized Yield Farming

    APY.Finance – an automated yield farming platform – has released details for their upcoming alpha and a new governance token – APY. Today we announce, the Wealthfront for DeFi.
    Learn more:
    — apyfinance (@apyfinance) August 9, 2020 As an automated liquidity aggregator, users can deposit capital into the protocol in exchange for tokenized LP shares called APT (APY Pool Tokens). Similar to how Balancer Pool Tokens (BPT) and Un… … More

  • Governance Poll: Liquidations 1.2 Upgrade, Base Rate adjustment, and more

    The Maker Foundation Interim Risk Team has placed a series of Governance Polls into the voting system which presents polls to implement the Liquidations 1.2 Upgrade, appoint MyCrypto as an Oracle Light Feed, adjust the Dust Parameter, LRC Onboarding, Base Rate adjustments, and more. Poll: Liquidations 1.2 Upgrade The Governance Facilitators have placed a governance poll into the voting system on behalf of the Risk and Smart Contracts domain teams which gives Maker Governance the… … More

  • Curve Showcases Pre-Launch CRV Rewards for Liquidity Mining

    Curve – the third-largest DeFi DEX – revealed the reward allocations for it’s pre-launch period which ended yesterday evening. The pre-launch period has officially ended at block 1062759
    We invite you to check how much $CRV you have received as a pre-launch liquidity provider at this address:
    — Charlie – (@charlie_eth) August 9, 2020 In preparation for its upcoming CRV governance token launch, Curve LPs received CRV retroactively b… … More

  • Executive Vote: Urgent configuration change to the ETH lump size, Increase the WBTC-A debt ceiling

    The Governance Facilitators and the Maker Foundation Smart Contracts Team have placed an Executive Vote into the voting system which will enable the community to approve the following alterations to the protocol. Urgent Configuration change to the ETH lump size The MakerDAO Smart Contracts Domain Team have discovered a risk present in the Maker Protocol that needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. In order to mitigate this risk the Smart Contracts Team suggest that the ETH lump para… … More

  • Aave Showcases Credit Delegation with $500k Loan to DeversiFi

    Aave – the lending protocol for money market creation – has kickstarted their credit delegation feature with a $500k unsecured line of credit to DeversiFi. Today marks a historic moment with the first Credit Delegation on Aave Protocol to @deversifi @OpenLawOfficial was used to conclude the loan agreement
    — Aave (@AaveAave) August 6, 2020 Foreshadowing the Aavenomics rollout, Aave showcased a suite of innovative new features including the Uniswap Money… … More

  • Maker Governance Review: July 2020

    The Maker Governance Review is a monthly recap of all Governance activity, from  Governance blog posts and polling/voting history to Governance Cycle progress. Each review is written by the Maker Improvement Proposals (MIPs) Editor to keep the Maker community informed of Governance developments. Top Governance News MANA Approved by Maker Governance as Collateral Type in the Maker Protocol MKR holders have accepted MANA (Decentraland) as a new collateral asset in the Maker Protocol. Any… … More

  • mStable Launches Earn for Automated MTA Rewards

    mStable – a rising liquidity aggregator – has debuted their Earn feature, granting liquidity providers real-time MTA rewards. Today, mStable introduces EARN: a hub that allows you to stream & keep track of your MTA rewards in real time. Get started: Learn more:
    — mStable (@mstable_) August 3, 2020 After roughly a month of liquidity incentives on Balancer, mStable has ported their MTA governance token distribution away fro… … More

  • Balancer Adjusts WrapFactor Through BAL Governance

    Balancer – an automated liquidity and DeFi asset management platform – has passed a vote to change its liquidity mining distribution for pools with soft-pegged assets. Tomorrow, Saturday 1st of August, at 16h UTC, a voting will be active on the proposal to reduce the wrapFactor for soft pegged token pairs from 0.7 to 0.2. The voting will end 24 hours later, on Sunday 2nd of August, at 16h UTC.
    — Balancer Labs (@BalancerLabs) July 31, 2020 In the lastest BAL governance poll, … … More

  • pTokens Launches pNetwork DAO with PNT Staking

    pTokens – a trustless bridge for interoperability – has summoned its DAO to handle all protocol governance using PNT tokens. It’s official! The #pNetwork DAO has launched!
    Join the next-level community of $PNT holders!
    Stake, vote, and earn up to 42% APR in staking rewards
    — pTokens (@pTokens_io) July 31, 2020 Built by Provable Things, pNetwork offers a platform to port assets to and from Ethereum using wrappers called… … More

  • Bancor V2 Goes Live – New Liquidity Pools, Interface and more!

    Bancor – a rising liquidity aggregator – has shipped it’s V2 protocol upgrade starting with capped liquidity for select token pairs. #BancorV2 Launches
    — Bancor (@Bancor) July 31, 2020 Boasting a new interface resembling the likes of Uniswap, Balancer, and Kyber, Bancor V2 is underpinned by an innovative new liquidity pool structure said to offer 20x liquidity amplification relative to other AMMs.
    In the spirit of user safety, liquidity pools are … … More

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