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  • IDEO CoLab Ventures Annoucnes DeFi Product Validation Workshop

    IDEO CoLab Ventures – an industry-leading design firm – has just announced a two day virtual Product Validation session for early-stage DeFi projects. We’re excited to announce our June 18-19 Virtual Product Validation Day! Apply to join DeFi founders from around the world and learn whether to pursue, pivot, or kill your new product concept. Apply by Sunday, May 31 at 11:59pm PST:
    Details below:
    — IDEO CoLab Ventures (@IDEOVC) May 18, 2020 “On … … More

  • Introducing the SAFG – An Emerging Governance Framework in DeFi

    First came the SAFE. Then came the SAFTE. Now comes the SAFG. 1/ Meet the SAFG: #DeFi’s Emergent Framework for Participatory Investing and Protocol Development
    Recent @futureswapx and @compoundfinance events point to a tectonic shift in the nature of crypto investing characterized by a new framework. — gavin (@GavinMcDermott) April 30, 2020 It goes without saying that there’s been a constant evolution in token distribution frameworks. Last week, IDEO CoLab … … More