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  • INTRO to Finance — The Cost of Capital

    INTRO to Finance — The Cost of CapitalOver the last few months, we’ve been rolling out our new INTRO product. As part of those efforts, we launched a weekly newsletter called INTRO to Finance. The goal of INTRO to Finance is to break down complicated financial topics and financing questions into easily digestible and actionable answers.We’re publishing this week’s issue on Medium. If you enjoy it, sign up.Another Thursday, another newsletter. I’m Jason — welcome back to INTRO to Finance where we… … More

  • Why Crypto Unlocks Innovation on the Internet

    Open-source services level the playing field for developersAll digital services today are powered by privately-owned databases. Crypto enables a new way to build and maintain databases. In crypto, digital services are built on top of decentralized database protocols operated by a community of network participants.In only a few decades, the Internet went from a highly decentralized architecture to one controlled by a few powerful gatekeepers. This created monopolies, limited access for developers… … More