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  • This Week in DeFi – July 10th

    To Our DeFi Community,
    DeFi is coming to CeFi. It’s too good for them to resist.
    We mentioned this last week but DeFi tokens have been on an absolute tear over the past few months. Now, centralized exchanges are looking to capitalize on the new wave of tokens that are booming in the Ethereum economy. This trend was marked with Coinbase announcing their exploration on a range of new crypto assets back in early June, half of which were DeFi tokens. This week, Binance announced their listing … … More

  • KyberDAO Goes Lives with Katalyst Upgrade

    Kyber – a leading DeFi liquidity protocol – has officially launched KyberDAO as a part of their highly anticipated Katalyst upgrade. Katalyst and @KyberDAO are now LIVE! This milestone marks the beginning of an exciting era for Kyber, with a new decentralized governance system and technical improvements that will enhance liquidity for #DeFi !
    — Kyber Network (@KyberNetwork) July 7, 2020 … … More

  • Introducing xToken: Simplified DeFi Token Staking & Governance

    When it comes to keeping up with DeFi’s ever-evolving token landscape, passive investors can get lost in the thick of new upgrades, governance polls, and incentive changes. A new project called xToken looks to solve this. Excited to introduce @xtokenmarket – a platform for simple, efficient – and liquid! – ERC20 staking strategies.
    We’ll be going live with xKNC next week in partnership with @KyberNetwork And xSNX is set for deployment in the coming weeks @synthetix_… … More

  • Kyber Announces Katalyst Upgrade for July 7th

    Kyber Network – one of the leading DeFi DEXs – announced its highly anticipated Katalyst upgrade is set to go live next week on July 7th. We are thrilled to announce that Katalyst and @KyberDAO will go live on the 7th of July, 7am GMT! This will usher in an exciting new era for Kyber, with technical improvements that will help enhance liquidity for #DeFi ! us:
    — Kyber Network (@KyberNetwork) June 29,… … More

  • Kyber Announces Community Pool for KNC Delegation Ahead of Katalyst

    Kyber Network – a leading DEX liquidity provider  – has unveiled a delegated governance framework to optimize KNC voter participation for their upcoming Katalyst upgrade. Happy to finally unveil the Kyber Community Pool (KCP) – a “community first” staking pool!
    KCP will be one of many governance pools that users can delegate their KNC to once @KyberNetwork’s highly anticipated Katalyst upgrade is live!
    — Kyber Community Pool (@KyberCP… … More

  • Maker Opens Governance Polls for KNC & ZRX Collateral

    Maker – the sector-leading lending protocol – has opened a suite of new governance polls including the addition of Kyber Network‘s KNC & 0x Protocol‘s ZRX as collateral types to mint Dai. Multiple Governance Polls have been added.Voters are now able to signal their support to/for:
    🪙Add KNC as a Collateral Type🪙Add ZRX as a Collateral TypeBase Rate Adjustment: -4% to 4%Monthly MIPs Governance Poll
    Much more — Maker (@MakerDAO) June 15, 2020 While this is merel… … More

  • The Case For DeFi Rate Governance

    In the past year, we’ve seen a wide number of initiatives to further distribute governance into the hands of the community. Examples include but are not limited to: Compound COMP Governance
    Maker EPCs
    SynthetixDAO Now that we’re starting to see some of these experiments pan out live, it’s time for us to band together and consider those which will make strong delegates in the coming months.
    Key Delegate Considerations
    As we scour the governance leaderboards and look for who to delegate… … More

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