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  • Coinbase Showcases Bitcoin-backed Cash Loans

    Coinbase – the leading US cryptocurrency exchange – has announced that US customers will soon be able to borrow up to 30% cash positions against their Bitcoin. US customers in select states will soon be able to borrow 30% of your Bitcoin holdings in cash. Eligible customers are invited to sign up on the waitlist for early access on Coinbase today. Learn more here:
    — Coinbase (@coinbase) August 12, 2020  
    Coinbase will a… … More

  • Curve Showcases Pre-Launch CRV Rewards for Liquidity Mining

    Curve – the third-largest DeFi DEX – revealed the reward allocations for it’s pre-launch period which ended yesterday evening. The pre-launch period has officially ended at block 1062759
    We invite you to check how much $CRV you have received as a pre-launch liquidity provider at this address:
    — Charlie – (@charlie_eth) August 9, 2020 In preparation for its upcoming CRV governance token launch, Curve LPs received CRV retroactively b… … More

  • DeFi Saver Launches Aave Dashboard with Flash-Loan Support

    DeFi Saver released a new dashboard, enabling users to fully manage their Aave portfolio through a simplified user interface complete with DeFi composability features. Our fully fledged @AaveAave dashboard is NOW LIVE!
    New interface for Aave portfolio management1tx Boost & Repay available for Aave for the first time everAutomation support coming soon!
    Full introduction:
    — DeFi Saver (@DeFiSaver) August 6, 2020 DeFi Saver is well-known for their automated Maker … … More

  • Aave Showcases Credit Delegation with $500k Loan to DeversiFi

    Aave – the lending protocol for money market creation – has kickstarted their credit delegation feature with a $500k unsecured line of credit to DeversiFi. Today marks a historic moment with the first Credit Delegation on Aave Protocol to @deversifi @OpenLawOfficial was used to conclude the loan agreement
    — Aave (@AaveAave) August 6, 2020 Foreshadowing the Aavenomics rollout, Aave showcased a suite of innovative new features including the Uniswap Money… … More

  • Dharma Debuts Uniswap Integration with Free Transactions

    Dharma – a consumer-facing DeFi lending protocol – has unveiled a new Uniswap integration with free transactions for a limited time. 1/ Calling all DeFi traders — Dharma is proud to introduce *the most powerful way to trade assets in DeFi, right from your pocket.* Trade all 2000+ tokens in @UniswapProtocol Pay Zero Gas FeesAnd for a limited time, we’re waiving our trading fee as well!
    — Dharma (@Dharma_HQ) July 30, 2020 Boasting a mobile-first app… … More

  • Coinbase Launches Dai Rewards With 2% APY

    Coinbase – the leading crypto bank in the US – is launching Dai rewards for Coinbase users. The promotion is starting off by offering 2% APY to anyone who holds Dai in the Coinbase App. Dai Rewards with 2% APY is now available for Coinbase customers in the US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Australia.
    — Coinbase (@coinbase) July 29, 2020 The rewards will be available for all users in the US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Australia. Given the … … More

  • Mainframe Acquires Sablier in Lending Protocol Pivot

    Mainframe – a decentralized communication platform – is pivoting to a new fixed-rate lending protocol through the advent of tokenized debt markets with its acquisition of Sablier. Since early July, @PaulRBerg has been working with us behind the scenes implementing the first version of our fixed-rate lending protocol. Check out our full announcement here:
    — Mainframe (@Mainframe_HQ) July 28, 2020 Sablier – a fan-favorite money streaming platform f… … More

  • Rari Capital – A Yield-Maximizing Robo-Advisor that Takes Risk Management Seriously

    With many in DeFi wildly chasing yield nowadays, Rari Capital has uniquely positioned themselves by approaching things from a different angle. Rari Capital’s goal is to build the smartest stable robo-advisor in the industry with one simple purpose: optimize for the highest return in a way that attempts to minimize user risks. While they may not be the first robo-advisor in the market, it’s the Rari Capital team’s focus on growing the platform and deploying new strategies in a … … More

  • This Week in DeFi – July 24th

    To our DeFi Community,
    Your participation is needed now more than ever. As DeFi continues to act as a black hole for ETH, governance will continue to play an increasingly important role in the expansion and sustainability of open finance. With over $1B in new liquidity fueling Ethereum’s hottest sector in the past 7 days alone, it’s impossible to ignore the rapid innovation taking form right before our eyes. Best exemplified by yEarn and the release of its zero pre-mine, no initial … … More

  • yEarn Shares V2 Plans for Credit Delegation & Open YFI Farming

    yEarn – a liquidity aggregator taking DeFi by storm – has unveiled plans for a V2 upgrade set for early next week. v2
    — (@iearnfinance) July 24, 2020 For those who missed it, yEarn recently released its governance token – YFI – which can only be earned from yield farming various interest-earning liquidity pools. This yield stacking propelled yEarn to over $200M in TVL over the past week, giving the proj… … More

  • This Week in DeFi – July 17th

    To Our DeFi Community,
    The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is here. And while it’s not perfect, it’s a substantial improvement from the token distribution models back in 2017 and 2018.
    While the evolution has been slow, DeFi tokens have taken small steps over the past few years to improve incentive designs, distribution methods, and more. The Initial DEX Offering is another step in this evolution as it provides investors with permissionless access to token offerings. The movement was init… … More

  • Aave Adds Fiat Onramps, New Assets and Updated Risk Parameters

    On the back of yesterday’s announcement of Aavenomics, Aave is continuing to ship at a lightning pace with the release of a variety of new protocol integrations. New features and listings on the menu this week $ENJ and $REN now supported in the Aave Market @enjin @renprotocol $SNX collateral enabled $LEND listed on @loopringorg Fiat to Yield onramp for all tokens in Aave by @transak_finance
    — Aave (@AaveAave) July 16, 2020 In today’s post, Aave ou… … More

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