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  • Aave Unveils Credit Delegation for Trusted Undercollateralized Loans

    Aave – the third-largest DeFi lending protocol – has unveiled plans to introduce Credit Delegation for trusted undercollateralized loans. @AaveAave is starting native Credit Delegation (CD). Aave depositors can delegate their credit lines. For example, Karen deposits an asset such as USDT to @AaveAave and delegates her credit line to Chad, who draws funds such as ETH from Aave Protocol.
    — stani.eth ’Lean DeFi’ Kulechov (@StaniKulechov) July 7, 2020
    … … More

  • bZx Releases BZRX Governance Token Model

    bZx – the lending protocol behind Fulcrum and Torque – has just unveiled a finalized model for the distribution of their native governance token – BZRX We have been working to continuously improve and refine the protocol and its governance. Over the years, the $BZRX token model has evolved along with the industry, presenting fresh new ideas in the process. #defi #ethereum — bZx (@bzxHQ) June 29, 2020 While the project has been quiet in recent months, the release of an … … More

  • COMP Distribution Begins: Overview & FAQ

    Compound Finance – the sector leading lending protocol – has just begun distributing its native governance token – COMP. Proposal 007 has succeeded, and can be executed after a 2-day waiting period.
    1,116,310.81 COMP 0.00 COMP The COMP Distribution will begin on June 15th.
    — Compound (@compoundfinance) June 13, 2020 After passing a vote with an overwhelming majority to kick off the distribution, all users supplying and borrowing assets from the m… … More

  • Aave Crosses $100M in Market Size

    Aave – a protocol for money-market creation – has passed $100M in market size after launching in January just half a year ago. We’ve officially reached the $100M market size milestone! Much to the Aave & DeFi Fam. We could not have done this without all of your feedback and support! Data credits to @defipulse sound on
    — Aave (@AaveAave) June 10, 2020 As illustrated in the video above, Aave his seen unprecedented growth in recent months, … … More

  • Aave Integrates Uniswap Liquidity Tokens as Lending Collateral

    Aave – the sector rising lending protocol – just unveiled a Uniswap Money Market, allowing users to borrow against Uniswap LP tokens. What do you get when you cross a unicorn with a ghost? The new Aave money market: The Uniswap Market! Check out our latest blog post by @JordanLzG to learn all about the first of many markets to come @UniswapProtocol
    — Aave (@AaveAave) May 28, 2020 As we alluded to in our Aave governance article, the introduction of th… … More

  • Aave x Token Terminal: Interview with Stani Kulechov

    In this blog series we interview founders in the crypto space to learn more about what’s going on with their projects.We sat down with Stani Kulechov, CEO of Aave. Aave is a protocol for earning interest on your deposits and borrowing assets. Recently, Aave surpassed $70M in market size.BackgroundAave is a decentralized money market protocol where users can earn interest on deposits and borrow assets. Aave is open-source, so our code is freely available and anyone can build on it.We currently su… … More

  • BlockFi Experiences Data Breach – Crypto Lending Hack

    Earlier today, BlockFi – the US-based crypto lending platform – released details of a data breach exposing user information. This is why we DeFi on #Ethereum
    — Anthony Sassano | sassal.eth (@sassal0x) May 19, 2020 According to the report from BlockFi, the account information that was accessed during the incident included name, email address, date of birth, postal address, and activity history. That said, all of BlockFi’s user funds, password, … … More

  • Aave Gets Competitive With New Interest Rate Models

    Aave – the money markets protocol – is applying a new interest rate model in an attempt to improve the user experience for the protocol’s borrowers and depositors. The Aave borrower experience gets a boost! Our new variable and stable rate models are even more competitive than before Read all about the interest rate upgrades in our latest blog post @The3D_
    — Aave (@AaveAave) May 14, 2020 If you’re new to understanding how interest rate mod… … More

  • Synthetix SNX Stakers Struggle to Combat High Gas Prices on Mintr

    Synthetix – the sector leading derivatives protocol – has long been known for its variety of passive income opportunities to reward value-added contributors to the wider SNX ecosystem.
    Our more frequent readers may recall our sETH & sUSD liquidity incentive and SNX staking tutorials – both geared at helping users with any amount of capital share in the platform’s growth by receiving weekly SNX inflation.
    While things have been running smoothly with these incentive pro… … More

  • Liquity Steps Up to Compete with Maker – Trustless Stablecoin Wars

    There’s a new decentralized stability protocol stepping up to the plate to compete with Maker.
    Liquity is an algorithmic governance, low collateralization, and interest-free lending protocol with many similarities to the Maker system. The system allows users to deposit ETH as collateral into a CDP/Vault equivalent (known as “Troves”) and in return receive LQTY – the protocol’s USD-pegged stablecoin. We are proud to announce Liquity (, a dece… … More

  • Aave Teases New DeFi Collateral & LEND Governance System

    For those who have been keeping an eye on the DeFi Pulse leaderboard, you’ve surely seen the spooky project Aave creeping into the #4 spot – recently passing Uniswap in the past 48 hours. While we’ve covered Aave extensively here on DeFi Rate in the past, we’ll be using this article to shed some light on what makes the sector rising lending protocol unique to money market protocols like Compound. We’ve seen quite a lot of attention on crypto Twitter as of late are … … More

  • Aave Introduces Risk Framework for Asset Selection

    Aave – a sector rising lending protocol – has just rolled out a Risk Framework to evaluate new assets being added to the platform. Aave’s Risk Framework has been released! Take a look at the docs for a comprehensive analysis of the fundamental risks of the protocol and the processes in place to mitigate them. Credits to our Risk Manager @A_BertoG
    — Aave (@AaveAave) April 23, 2020 In light of the protocol’s rapid growth in the past months, Aav… … More

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