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  • Introducing APY.Finance Tokenized Yield Farming

    APY.Finance – an automated yield farming platform – has released details for their upcoming alpha and a new governance token – APY. Today we announce, the Wealthfront for DeFi.
    Learn more:
    — apyfinance (@apyfinance) August 9, 2020 As an automated liquidity aggregator, users can deposit capital into the protocol in exchange for tokenized LP shares called APT (APY Pool Tokens). Similar to how Balancer Pool Tokens (BPT) and Un… … More

  • Curve Showcases Pre-Launch CRV Rewards for Liquidity Mining

    Curve – the third-largest DeFi DEX – revealed the reward allocations for it’s pre-launch period which ended yesterday evening. The pre-launch period has officially ended at block 1062759
    We invite you to check how much $CRV you have received as a pre-launch liquidity provider at this address:
    — Charlie – (@charlie_eth) August 9, 2020 In preparation for its upcoming CRV governance token launch, Curve LPs received CRV retroactively b… … More

  • Akropolis Shares Yield Aggreator Delphi & New ADEL Governance Token

    Akropolis – a platform for community creation –  has announced a new yield-farming aggregator project, Delphi, now live on testnet. Welcome Delphi and its product community token $ADEL (with to $AKRO holders), the first DCA tool for #yieldfarming and more! A 2nd product being built on AkropolisOS, out now on #Rinkeby testnet Read full update
    — Akropolis (@akropolisio) August 3, 2020  
    Underwriting the new robo yield farmer is a new governance to… … More

  • mStable Launches Earn for Automated MTA Rewards

    mStable – a rising liquidity aggregator – has debuted their Earn feature, granting liquidity providers real-time MTA rewards. Today, mStable introduces EARN: a hub that allows you to stream & keep track of your MTA rewards in real time. Get started: Learn more:
    — mStable (@mstable_) August 3, 2020 After roughly a month of liquidity incentives on Balancer, mStable has ported their MTA governance token distribution away fro… … More

  • $ALEX Launches Personal Token Liquidity Mining

    Alex Masmej – founder of Rocket NFT and the creator of $ALEX – has just unveiled a new yield farming campaign around his Uniswap V2 liquidity pool. 1/ Pumped to announce the $ALEX Yield Round
    – Starting August 8th, $ALEX liquidity mining starts– Add liquidity to ALEX/ETH Uniswap V2 to be eligible– 100k $ALEX to be airdropped to all Uniswap V2 LP’s
    Playing the long game with my community. Read:
    — Alex Masmej (@AlexMasmej) August 3,… … More

  • pTokens Launches pNetwork DAO with PNT Staking

    pTokens – a trustless bridge for interoperability – has summoned its DAO to handle all protocol governance using PNT tokens. It’s official! The #pNetwork DAO has launched!
    Join the next-level community of $PNT holders!
    Stake, vote, and earn up to 42% APR in staking rewards
    — pTokens (@pTokens_io) July 31, 2020 Built by Provable Things, pNetwork offers a platform to port assets to and from Ethereum using wrappers called… … More

  • Aragon Launches ANT Yield Farming for Uniswap V2 Liquidity

    Aragon – the leading protocol for DAO creation – has joined the yield farming discussion with new liquidity rewards for its native governance token – ANT. The ANT liquidity rewards program is live! You can now provide ANT liquidity on Uniswap and get rewarded for it The clock for rewards will start ticking tomorrow July 22nd at 3pm UTC. Read more and stake your ANT!
    — Aragon (@AragonProject) July 21, 2020 Aragon’s new liquidity rewards p… … More

  • Balancer Launches BAL Voting to Address Liquidity Mining

    Balancer – the automated liquidity and asset management protocol – has unveiled it’s first BAL-based governance polls this weekend. There will be voting this weekend! Make sure you have your BAL on a wallet you control (e.g. Metamask/ledger) at 16:00 UTC on Saturday July 18th to be able to vote on community proposals. Links to each of the 3 proposals below:
    — Balancer Labs (@BalancerLabs) July 17, 2020 The MVP voting solution comes as a sol… … More

  • The Yield Farming Frenzy and its Impact on DeFi

    If you follow DeFi, you’ve probably noticed that the concept of yield farming is everywhere lately. From some of the most original memes in the Ethereum ecosystem to traditional news outlets like Forbes, crop rotation to maximize yield across protocols has become one of the defining activities on DeFi in 2020. So, what is Yield Farming? Yield farming is the act of leveraging different DeFi protocols and products to earn a yield or a return on their assets, in some cases obtaining profits … … More

  • Rarible Launches NFT Governance Token With RARI Liquidity Mining

    Rarible – a leading NFT exchange – has announced details for a native governance token, RARI. Welcome $RARI: the first governance token in the NFT space, designed to reward active creators and collectors with a voice in Rarible’s future. Make proposals, vote, curate, moderate –– the power is in your hands now.
    Learn more:
    — Rarible (@rariblecom) July 15, 2020 As one of the first to tokenize governance rights in the NFT se… … More

  • Curve Releases Blueprint for CurveDAO and CRV Governance Token

    Curve – a leading liquidity aggregator – has just released the first iteration of their framework for their upcoming governance token – CRV. 6 months later. Here you are guys! Technical implementation of $CRV & #CurveDAO from @CurveFinance. Going live when audit is done
    DAO based on @AragonProjectTime-weighted voting+boostinflation: √2/ yearLiquidity gauges for LP, insurance etc
    — Julien Bouteloup (@bneiluj) June 30, … … More

  • UMA Launches New Synthetic for Shorting COMP

    UMA – a decentralized protocol establishing a generalized framework for creating synthetic assets – launched yCOMP to provide DeFi users with the ability to short COMP, Compound‘s native governance token. 1/ Synthetic $COMP (yCOMP) is live on mainnet. It is now possible to permissionlessly short $COMP.
    — UMA (@UMAprotocol) June 26, 2020 With Compound surging to over a $2B valuation within weeks of launch, the introduction of a token allowing users to gain “short… … More

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