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  • This Week in DeFi – July 3rd

    To Our DeFi Community,
    The pace of innovation in DeFi never ceases to amaze.
    Whether it’s new products, new upgrades, new tokens, or new investment rounds closing, we’re genuinely having trouble keeping it up with it all. To give you an idea, here’s what we saw this week alone as DeFi closed out Q2: Kyber’s Katalyst upgrade launch date set for July 7th
    0x launches it consumer-friendly DEX, Matcha
    Synthetix releasing Binary Options
    Nexus Mutual releasing pooled staking
    Th… … More

  • Dai Breaks Peg Amidst COMP Yield Farming cDAI Update

    Dai – DeFi’s defacto decentralized stablecoin – is facing a major hurdle as Compound adjusts it’s COMP token distribution to favor new assets earning the most COMP/day. Liquidity mining incentives are powerful.
    So powerful that they can cause exogenous shocks to other protocols.
    Is @MakerDAO up next? Props to @cyounessi1 for being ahead of the curve here.
    — Will Price (@will__price) June 29, 2020 With the passing of Proposal 11, COMP is now… … More

  • DeFi Rate Votes “Against” Compound Proposal #12 – cDAI Interest Rates

    Following Dharma’s recent governance piece on proposal #11 along with our continued efforts on transparent governance, DeFi Rate will be releasing our rationale behind Compound Governance votes in a series of blog posts. 
    Proposal #12: Update cDAI Interest Rate Model (Forum Discussions here) 
    Proposer: Dharma
    DeFi Rate Vote: Against
    Voting Weight: ~10,250 COMP Background
    Compound Proposal #12 by Dharma proposes to update the cDAI interest rate model, aiming to decouple the existing intere… … More

  • Maker Integrates KNC & ZRX as Collateral and Adjusts Base Rates

    Maker – the lending protocol behind Dai – has officially integrated KNC and ZRX as new collateral types. KNC and ZRX have been added to the Maker Protocol.
    Both can now be used to generate #Dai. Read more:
    cc @KyberNetwork @0xProject
    — Maker (@MakerDAO) June 28, 2020 Following Governance Polls ratified through an Executive Poll, Kyber Network‘s KNC and 0x Protocol‘s ZRX can now be used as collateral to mint new Dai with a 4% Risk Premium, 1… … More

  • This Week in DeFi – June 26th

    To Our DeFi Community,
    The liquidity wars have begun. With virtually every DeFi protocol now launching or exploring yield farming incentives, we’re beginning to see a fight for liquidity on Ethereum.
    And it’s just beginning. While Compound and Balancer have been prime examples of successful launches for yield farming- where their native governance tokens soared in value alongside hundreds of millions in new liquidity – there are dozens of other protocols jumping into the queue … … More

  • This Week in DeFi – June 19th

    To Our DeFi Community,
    Compound’s launch of the COMP token earlier this week may have very well sparked a new trend in DeFi – liquidity mining (also known as yield farming). In case you somehow missed it, the leading lending protocol has begun distributing COMP tokens to each of the protocol’s money markets pro-rata by the total interest accrued. While many were anticipating the launch, few expected the results.
    After initially listing on Uniswap for $16, COMP tokens have soare… … More

  • Maker Opens Governance Polls for KNC & ZRX Collateral

    Maker – the sector-leading lending protocol – has opened a suite of new governance polls including the addition of Kyber Network‘s KNC & 0x Protocol‘s ZRX as collateral types to mint Dai. Multiple Governance Polls have been added.Voters are now able to signal their support to/for:
    🪙Add KNC as a Collateral Type🪙Add ZRX as a Collateral TypeBase Rate Adjustment: -4% to 4%Monthly MIPs Governance Poll
    Much more — Maker (@MakerDAO) June 15, 2020 While this is merel… … More

  • This Week in DeFi – June 12th

    To Our DeFi Community,
    Another week in DeFi in the books. As always, the week was filled with new releases, projects reaching new milestones, and more. This Week in #DeFi @CurveFinance integrates RenVM @AaveAave reaches $100M market size @graphprotocol partners with ChainLink @synthetix_io adds Balancer incentives @Opium_Network launches pre-market trading for $COMP + $BAL
    — DeFi Rate (@DefiRate) June 12, 2020 One of the most interesting things to … … More

  • Protect Your Privacy: Hack for a Better Data World

    Between Jun 15, 2020 – Jun 29, 2020 we’re opening the open source gates for the Protect Privacy Virtual Hackathon! We’ll explore solutions that balance ownership, control and privacy for users, with leading Web3 companies already building in the privacy space.
    The post Protect Your Privacy: Hack for a Better Data World appeared first on Gitcoin’s Blog. … More

  • This Week in DeFi – June 5th

    To Our DeFi Community,
    Boom. Another week in the books!
    The week kicked-off with Balancer, the DeFi non-custodial liquidity and asset management protocol, launching Liquidity Mining. Users can now earn BAL tokens by becoming a liquidity provider. With these tokens following the SAFG framework, BAL has no economic rights and are non-transferable. They simply represent voting power for future protocol changes. However, it’s important to recognize that upon a successful distribution, nothing … … More

  • Top 5 ETHGlobal HackMoney DeFi Virtual Hackathon Winners

    HackMoney – a virtual DeFi hackathon by ETHGlobal – has just concluded with a closing ceremony earlier today. The #HackMoney Finale starts now! Join us in celebrating both the finalists and all of the amazing projects created in the past 30 days
    Supported by our judges: @aantonop @ThomasBertani @ashleighschap @rleshner @vitalikbuterin @StaniKulechov
    — ETHGlobal (HackMoney Finale – Today!) (@ETHGlobal) June 2, 2020 With 100+ submissions from the 3… … More

  • Haciendo Maker: Mayo del 2020

    Mayo presentó dos anuncios importantes para la comunidad Maker. Primero, el 3 de mayo, la Gobernanza Maker aceptó WBTC (wrapped Bitcoin) como un nuevo activo colateral en el Protocolo Maker. La adición de WBTC significa que los titulares de Bitcoin ahora pueden convertir su BTC en WBTC (traer Bitcoin a la blockchain Ethereum) y luego usarlo para generar Dai. Luego, el 12 de mayo, se cerró el sistema Single-Collateral Dai (SCD) de Maker. El evento marcó el final de una era para MakerDAO. Hay … … More

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