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  • Maker Opens Governance Polls for KNC & ZRX Collateral

    Maker – the sector-leading lending protocol – has opened a suite of new governance polls including the addition of Kyber Network‘s KNC & 0x Protocol‘s ZRX as collateral types to mint Dai. Multiple Governance Polls have been added.Voters are now able to signal their support to/for:
    🪙Add KNC as a Collateral Type🪙Add ZRX as a Collateral TypeBase Rate Adjustment: -4% to 4%Monthly MIPs Governance Poll
    Much more — Maker (@MakerDAO) June 15, 2020 While this is merel… … More

  • Haciendo Maker: Mayo del 2020

    Mayo presentó dos anuncios importantes para la comunidad Maker. Primero, el 3 de mayo, la Gobernanza Maker aceptó WBTC (wrapped Bitcoin) como un nuevo activo colateral en el Protocolo Maker. La adición de WBTC significa que los titulares de Bitcoin ahora pueden convertir su BTC en WBTC (traer Bitcoin a la blockchain Ethereum) y luego usarlo para generar Dai. Luego, el 12 de mayo, se cerró el sistema Single-Collateral Dai (SCD) de Maker. El evento marcó el final de una era para MakerDAO. Hay … … More

  • Maker Ecosystem Report – April 2020

    Maker Dai’s has quickly won the heart of the DeFi community as the crypto-native stablecoin has been widely adopted across the majority of DeFi protocols. In February, Dai locked in DeFi went parabolic where it ultimately reached a peak of $85M in early March according to DeFi Pulse. The trend was largely led by Maker as the protocol offered high-yielding interest rates through the Dai Savings Rate (DSR). Of the $85M in Dai locked in DeFi, around 90% of it was locked in the DSR earning a high yi… … More

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