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  • Delegation and Voting with EIP-712 Signatures

    Compound’s governance system is powered by COMP token, which is distributed to users of the protocol. COMP token holders receive voting power on a 1–1 basis to the amount of COMP held; this voting power can be delegated to any address, and then can be used to vote on proposals.There are two methods by which a user can delegate their voting rights or cast votes on proposals: either calling the relevant functions (delegate, castVote) directly; or using by-signature functionality (delegateBySig, ca… … More

  • Announcing MetaMask Version 8

    Everyone’s favorite way to use Ethereum applications now comes with a host of new features!Today, we’re rolling out MetaMask Version 8. This represents a major upgrade to MetaMask and offers a number of new features that no wallet has delivered before.Unparalleled Privacy ControlMost wallets today either manage a single account, or expose the currently selected user current account to all connected sites — broadly revealing users’ private information.In MetaMask V8, when you connect to a website… … More