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  • Rarible Launches NFT Governance Token With RARI Liquidity Mining

    Rarible – a leading NFT exchange – has announced details for a native governance token, RARI. Welcome $RARI: the first governance token in the NFT space, designed to reward active creators and collectors with a voice in Rarible’s future. Make proposals, vote, curate, moderate –– the power is in your hands now.
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    — Rarible (@rariblecom) July 15, 2020 As one of the first to tokenize governance rights in the NFT se… … More

  • Fractional NFT Ownership Heats Up – Niftex Shards Skyrocket

    One of the more exciting aspects of blockchain-based assets is the ability to fractionalize ownership into an infinitely divisible number of units. This past week, we saw the crypto gaming sector energized by a DEX called Niftex and the notion of fractional NFT shares, called shards. NFT fractions – a recap We’re big believers in #NFTs, but trading unique digital assets comes with significantly more friction than your average #cryptocurrency. The NIFTEX thesis is that #fungibility c… … More

  • CryptoPunks Sales Skyrocket: Famous LE Ethereum NFTs

    CryptoPunks – Ethereum’s very first NFTs – are selling like hotcakes. Punk 6487 bought for 100 ETH ($20,857.00 USD) by 0x51787a from 0xf1ad94. #cryptopunks #ethereum
    — CryptoPunks Bot (@cryptopunksbot) May 24, 2020  
    For those who have never heard of CryptoPunks, they are 10,000 uniquely generated characters – each represented as an Ethereum-based NFT. No two are exactly alike, with each Punk containing diffe… … More

  • Personal Tokens Heat Up: $WHALE NFT-Backed Social Currency on Roll

    In recent months, we’ve seen a growing trend around the proliferation of social currencies (also known as personal tokens) – or those tied to specific individuals or brands. Using smart contracts and platforms like Roll, issuers are able to tokenize themselves, effectively offering investors access to the future upside in the form of an Ethereum-based asset.
    Today, we saw this initiative taken a step further with the advent of $WHALE – a social currency by the prolific NFT inve… … More

  • Rocket LP DAO Unveils ENS-Backed NFT Loan

    Rocket – an NFT lending DAO – shares the first Ethereum Name Service (ENS)-backed loan to the world. Rocket signs off the first ever domain name backed loan – @ensdomains x @RocketNFT Loan– $1,000 of ETH loaned to @BrantlyMillegan– “Brantly.eth” is the collateral, also the loanee first name– 15% interests due– Duration: 3 months
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    — Rocket (@RocketNFT) April 15, 2020  
    Brantly Millegan – COO of ENS R… … More