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  • ACO – A Non-Custodial Options Protocol Built for DeFi

    The DeFi ecosystem is growing at a breathtaking pace. Unsurprisingly, staying on top of everything in the space is becoming practically impossible. DeFi is becoming increasingly sophisticated each day as the building blocks or rather money legos fall into place. Most people can tell you the basics of spot and margin trading, but I’ve started to see more and more people admit they know are unfamiliar with options trading. And, that’s okay because as many will tell you being a fan of … … More

  • Synthetix Governance Call Recap: SNX Surges Ahead of Acrux

    Synthetix‘s recent governance call sparked a wave of new interest in the leading derivatives protocol. Coming out of the call, many prominent DeFi Twitter personalities highlighted their bullish outlook on the future of Synthetix given the numerous upcoming launches that will drastically expand the protocol’s product offerings. I haven’t been as active and involved in the @synthetix_io community recently but the latest governance call completely reignites my bullishness again.
    T… … More

  • Opyn Closes $2.16M Seed Round for DeFi Options Protocol & Opyn V2

    Opyn – a rising options protocol – has just closed a $2.16M seed round lead by Dragonfly Capital. Today, we at @dragonfly_cap are excited to announce our investment in @opyn_’s seed round! So thrilled to be able to work with @AlexisGauba @aparnalocked and @snarkyzk
    — Tom Schmidt (@tomhschmidt) June 22, 2020 For those unfamiliar, Opyn has been making strong headway with their ETH options, giving users the ability to buy or sell puts and calls on di… … More

  • Hegic ETH Options Launch Takes a Turn

    Yesterday, Hegic announced the v1 launch of its options protocol, allowing anyone to buy and sell American call/put options on Ethereum. Announcing Hegic Protocol V1: $ETH Put Options $ETH Call Options UI for options writers Choose any strike price New pricing formula (IV) Security audit by @trailofbits Sell puts and earn yield on DAI Sell calls and earn yield on ETH
    — Hegic (@HegicOptions) April 24, 2020 Less then 48 hours later, the team an… … More