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  • This Week in DeFi – August 7th

    To our DeFi Community,
    Another week is in the books and the creative niches of DeFi are starting to explode.
    What started as liquidity mining for DeFi protocols like Compound and Balancer has now turned into a full-on trend for other tokens to use to their advantage. At its core, the premise of rewarding users for value-added actions makes perfect sense. We’ve seen many projects reward LPs for DEX liquidity and this doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.
    At the fringes of De… … More

  • Personal Tokens Face Community Contention & Criticism

    In the past month, we’ve now seen three separate personal token offerings go live via Roll. Here’s a recap on those offerings for those who may have missed them. $ALEX
    $KERMAN Similarly, we’ve also seen the launch of platforms like Stake on Me and Microsponsors which allow users to tokenize their time and services.
    While the sentiment around personal tokens was largely positive to begin, we’re now seeing a lot of discourse on crypto Twitter in which prominent com… … More

  • Initial $KERMAN Offering: DeFi-Driven Personal Token Sale on Roll

    As we step into another exciting week in crypto, the emerging trend of personal token sales continues to heat up.
    Earlier today, a prominent member of the DeFi community Kerman Kohli announced an Initial $KERMAN Offering – raising $30k on the back of personal tokens issued on Roll. Introducing the Initial $KERMAN Offering!
    What is $KERMAN? At a high level it offers the following:
    – Token Burns– Governance– Access The initial raise is for 1.5M tokens and a total of $30,0… … More

  • Personal Tokens Heat Up: $WHALE NFT-Backed Social Currency on Roll

    In recent months, we’ve seen a growing trend around the proliferation of social currencies (also known as personal tokens) – or those tied to specific individuals or brands. Using smart contracts and platforms like Roll, issuers are able to tokenize themselves, effectively offering investors access to the future upside in the form of an Ethereum-based asset.
    Today, we saw this initiative taken a step further with the advent of $WHALE – a social currency by the prolific NFT inve… … More

  • Introducing Stake on Me: Collateralized Personal meTokens

    2020 has quickly signaled an emerging trend surrounding personal tokens – or a tokenized version of an individual used for either utility, speculation or some combination of both.
    Today, we saw the launch of meTokens – a new form of personal tokens offering collateralized synthetic labor using bonding curves and the Stake on Me platform. Today we’re officially announcing that meTokens are now live at! meTokens are a new kind of personal token they can be… … More