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  • Ren Synthetix and Curve Team Up For BTC Yield Farming

    With the launch of COMP liquidity mining earlier this week, yield farming has become a hot topic in DeFi. Users can start earning high yields across an increasingly wider range of Defi protocols in native tokens via by providing liquidity (or any value-added service) to the network. While yield farming is a newer concept to the DeFi community, we’re now seeing the ultimate yield hacking strategies emerge. Ren Protocol, Synthetix, and Curve have teamed up to launch a new incentivized liquid… … More

  • Curve Finance Integrates RenVM for Bitcoin Liquidity Pools

    Curve – a sector-rising liquidity aggregator – has just unveiled support for Ren and their newly launch RenVM. Curve Finance Integrates RenVM
    1⃣ Earn yield with your BTC 2⃣ Seamless BTC to WBTC on-ramp3⃣ Build new financial products with the renBTC <> WBTC liquidity pool@CurveFinance @WrappedBTC #RenVM #DeFi $BTC $renBTC $WBTC
    — Ren (@renprotocol) June 11, 2020 For those unfamiliar with Curve Finance, the project has solidifie… … More

  • RenVM Mainnet Launch: DeFi Interoperability via Ren Bridge & Darknodes

    With all the recent talk of Bitcoin coming to DeFi, we’re excited to share that Ren Protocol has just launched its interoperable RenVM on mainnet. RenVM Mainnet is Live. Welcome to the new cross-chain era for DeFi! #RenVM
    — Ren (@renprotocol) May 27, 2020 The highly anticipated launch brings a novel, trustless solution for users to mint Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and ZCash as ERC20 tokens – allowing them to be used in the ever-growing DeFi landscape.
    “… … More