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  • Dharma Debuts Uniswap Integration with Free Transactions

    Dharma – a consumer-facing DeFi lending protocol – has unveiled a new Uniswap integration with free transactions for a limited time. 1/ Calling all DeFi traders — Dharma is proud to introduce *the most powerful way to trade assets in DeFi, right from your pocket.* Trade all 2000+ tokens in @UniswapProtocol Pay Zero Gas FeesAnd for a limited time, we’re waiving our trading fee as well!
    — Dharma (@Dharma_HQ) July 30, 2020 Boasting a mobile-first app… … More

  • PoolTogether Releases Pods – Collaborative No-Loss Savings Tools

    PoolTogether – a no-loss savings game built on Ethereum – announced the release of Pods earlier this week.  1/ Introducing Pods – a new way to win more prizes while saving. Pods allow PoolTogether players to link their tickets together. If any ticket in the pod wins, the prize is split proportionally. Now you can win a prize for saving money even if you only have a few dollars!
    — PoolTogether (@PoolTogether_) April 22, 2020 For those unfami… … More