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  • This Week in DeFi – August 7th

    To our DeFi Community,
    Another week is in the books and the creative niches of DeFi are starting to explode.
    What started as liquidity mining for DeFi protocols like Compound and Balancer has now turned into a full-on trend for other tokens to use to their advantage. At its core, the premise of rewarding users for value-added actions makes perfect sense. We’ve seen many projects reward LPs for DEX liquidity and this doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.
    At the fringes of De… … More

  • Set Protocol Shares V2 Upgrades with Yield Farming & Gas Optimization

    Set Protocol – the leading DeFi asset management platform – has showcased their forthcoming V2 upgrade with a suite of notable features. 1/ Today, we’re excited to reveal Set V2, a new protocol built to give users and portfolio managers access to all of the exciting opportunities available to them in DeFi!
    — Set (@SetProtocol) August 5, 2020 Since it’s launch in August of 2019, Set Protocol has captured $24M worth of TV… … More