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  • Introduction to Building on DeFi with Ethereum and USDC — Part 1

    Introduction to Building on DeFi with Ethereum and USDC — Part 1By Pete KimAt Coinbase, our mission is to build an open financial system. We strongly believe that increasing economic freedom will make the world a better place. Decentralized Finance, or DeFi for short — an open, borderless, and programmable version of finance — is an inseparable part of that vision.Smart ContractsDeFi is powered by smart contracts running on decentralized networks such as Ethereum (“the blockchain”) and digital c… … More

  • Scaling connections with Ruby and MongoDB

    By Michael de HoogCoinbase was launched 8 years ago as a Ruby on Rails app using MongoDB as its primary data store. Today, the primary paved-road language at Coinbase is Golang, but we continue to run and maintain the original Rails monolith, deployed at large scale with data stored across many MongoDB clusters.This blog post outlines some scaling issues connecting from a Rails app to MongoDB, and how a recent change to our database connection management solved some of these issues.Global VM Loc… … More

  • Bootstrapping the Coinbase Monorepo

    How Coinbase is using a monorepo to provide developers with world-class tooling, security, and reliabilityBy Luke DemiOver the past year, the developer productivity team at Coinbase has been focused on delivering a Bazel monorepo to enable engineers to more easily collaborate across the company and position the company on industry standard tooling.Today, our Bazel monorepo is home to over 100 projects and 22% of Coinbase’s daily deployments across four different languages (Go, Ruby, Node, Python… … More

  • Gitcoin Hackathon x Aave Round 2

    Aave is glad to support the Gitcoin’s New York Blockchain Week Virtual Hackathon as the lead sponsor! Create your best hacks on Aave…Continue reading on Aave Blog » … More