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  • Bootstrapping the Coinbase Monorepo

    How Coinbase is using a monorepo to provide developers with world-class tooling, security, and reliabilityBy Luke DemiOver the past year, the developer productivity team at Coinbase has been focused on delivering a Bazel monorepo to enable engineers to more easily collaborate across the company and position the company on industry standard tooling.Today, our Bazel monorepo is home to over 100 projects and 22% of Coinbase’s daily deployments across four different languages (Go, Ruby, Node, Python… … More

  • Container technologies at Coinbase

    Why Kubernetes is not part of our stackBy Drew Rothstein, Director of EngineeringTLDR: Container orchestration platforms are complex and amazing technologies, helping some businesses and teams solve a whole suite of problems. What’s commonly overlooked however, is that container technologies also create a large set of challenges that must be overcome to prevent failures.This post is adapted from an internal blog post as I haven’t seen many write-ups like this externally available. Minimal redact… … More

  • How Coinbase went international

    By Melissa ZhangCrypto at its core has always been intended for a global audience. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have no concept of borders, allowing for value to transfer seamlessly across the Internet.Coinbase’s vision and mission is to build an open financial system for the world. As of mid-2017, Coinbase was supporting translations in eight languages and operating in 32 countries, mostly in Europe and North America.However, as our international growth accelerated in 2018, our engineerin… … More