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  • USDC Draws Support from Seven New Companies, Consolidates Market Cap Above $700M

    Seven new companies announced support for USD Coin (USDC) in recent weeks, continuing to fuel already-broad demand for USDC across payments, commerce and finance use cases.The new supporters — BiKi, Bittrex Global, Bitwage, Gilded Finance, Mercado Bitcoin, PayTrie and Travala — join the hundreds of exchanges, protocols, platforms, applications, wallets, and service providers that are part of the USDC is a global cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to providing safe, reliable and… … More


    Regulation and monetary policyBIS Calls for Central Bank Digital Currencies Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has issued a report arguing in favor of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and digital payments amid the COVID-19 pandemic.Bank of France Launches Experiment Program on Central Bank Digital Currencyhttps://… … More