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  • Who should join Coinbase: Builders

    Coinbase is an exciting and unique company and as we continue growing, it’s important that we create a strong culture. I few years ago, I wrote in the Coinbase culture doc:Hire buildersWe hire people who are passionate about creating new products with technology. We look for entrepreneurs who are comfortable with ambiguity. We prefer to work with people who actually execute toward ideas, instead of just coming up with them. When the creative moment strikes, we try not to let big company process … … More

  • ELI5: What is Aave?

    What is Aave?Aave is a protocol for earning interest on your deposits and borrowing assets. This year Aave pivoted from a P2P lending model to a pool-based model. Liquidity is deposited in a liquidity pool — think Compound.Anyone can borrow from the pool by depositing a collateral (token). Interest is determined algorithmically. The less funds available in the pool at a specific time → the higher the interest (attracting more liquidity due to bigger fees for LPs).Every asset in the pool has its … … More