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  • SNX Surges as Synthetix Debuts Binary Options with Acrux Upgrade

    Synthetix – the sector leading derivatives protocol – has officially released native binary options as part of the Acrux upgrade. We’re excited to announce that the Acrux release is now complete and binary options are now live at! 1/3
    — Synthetix (@synthetix_io) June 30, 2020 Last week, we recapped the latest Synthetix community call in which prominent community members expressed very optimistic opinions about the future… … More

  • Optimize your sUSD yield with Idle

    sUSD is now available for deposit on Idle! Idle is a yield optimization tool that automatically rebalances funds to guarantee exposure to the highest yield available while taking risk into account. Currently, Idle stores sUSD in Aave as it is the only place you can earn interest on sUSD. However, as more interest-bearing sUSD pools come online, the rates between pools will vary. Idle will automatically rebalance sUSD into the interest-bearing pool with the highest yield to maximize your returns…. … More

  • Synthetix Layer 2 Exchange Demo Using OVM + Trading Competition

    While the topic of Optimistic Rollups has somewhat fallen to the wayside in light of all the innovation we’ve seen in DeFi over the course of the last year, it’s quite exciting to see it come back to center stage with the demo of Synthetix and their upcoming Layer 2 decentralized exchange. We’re extremely excited to announce an L2 demo with @optimismPBC! This demonstrates the power of OVM to deliver high-speed Ethereum transactions to supercharge the Synt… … More

  • Synthetix Adjusts Liquidity Incentives

    Synthetix – the sector leading derivatives platform – is adjusting its SNX inflation rewards for both the sUSD and ETH liquidity incentives to better neutralize the system’s debt pool. 1/ We’re running a trial to incentivise people to hold iETH to balance the Synths debt pool! The debt pool (i.e. the sum of all Synths) is currently skewed long ETH, which negatively impacts SNX stakers.
    — Synthetix (@synthetix_io) April 24, 2020 For those una… … More

  • sUSD Curve pool vulnerability & next steps

    This morning (AEDT) a critical vulnerability was discovered in the Curve sUSD pool contract. The Curve team has paused the pool so no funds are at risk. The Curve team is also preparing a disclosure around the specifics of the vulnerability. Please note there are no known issues with the sUSD token contract or other Curve contracts. We encourage anyone contributing liquidity to the sUSD Curve pool to withdraw it while we plan the migration to a new contract. The instructions on withdrawing liqui… … More