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  • L2.Synthetix.Exchange OVM demo results

    The L2.Synthetix.Exchange demo on Optimism’s OVM is now complete and the winners of the trading competition are in! Over 50,000 SNX will be distributed among the top 20 traders who achieved the highest gains with the 100,000 OVM sUSD given to each trader to test the supercharged, high-speed Ethereum transactions. Synthetix Discord veteran and self-described “Twitter Influenza”, @DegenSparten, says”Trading on L2 was just as snappy as any CEX. If people give it a chance, I don’t think many would w… … More

  • The Synthetix.Exchange L2 demo is now live on OVM!

    Synthetix and Optimism are extremely excited to announce a new demo of Synthetix.Exchange on OVM (Optimistic Virtual Machine), a Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution. This integration demonstrates the power of OVM to deliver high-speed Ethereum transactions to supercharge the Synthetix trading experience. During this demo, Synthetix and Optimism will be running a trading competition on, with 50,000 SNX in prizes. This competition will encourage traders to experience the OVM, which… … More