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  • Who should join Coinbase: Builders

    Coinbase is an exciting and unique company and as we continue growing, it’s important that we create a strong culture. I few years ago, I wrote in the Coinbase culture doc:Hire buildersWe hire people who are passionate about creating new products with technology. We look for entrepreneurs who are comfortable with ambiguity. We prefer to work with people who actually execute toward ideas, instead of just coming up with them. When the creative moment strikes, we try not to let big company process … … More

  • Bootstrapping the Coinbase Monorepo

    How Coinbase is using a monorepo to provide developers with world-class tooling, security, and reliabilityBy Luke DemiOver the past year, the developer productivity team at Coinbase has been focused on delivering a Bazel monorepo to enable engineers to more easily collaborate across the company and position the company on industry standard tooling.Today, our Bazel monorepo is home to over 100 projects and 22% of Coinbase’s daily deployments across four different languages (Go, Ruby, Node, Python… … More

  • How companies will work post COVID19: embracing a remote-first culture.

    Companies are thinking about how and when to have employees come back to work. Due to social distancing requirements, many are realizing that they will only be able to have up to 50% of employees return to offices at most.At the same time, many companies are realizing that remote work has worked better than they expected. They are now asking themselves whether they should keep some portion of their work force remote indefinitely.For most companies, it will be a mix of remote and in-office. Here’… … More

  • Market efficiency of gold and Bitcoin

    By Mike Co and Shawn DejbakhshBitcoin and gold are fundamentally similar as scarce and globally accessible units of value. But gold’s recent market supply squeeze highlights important distinctions between the two assets. The recent challenges of the gold market reveals Bitcoin’s distinct advantage over gold: Bitcoin does not rely on fragile physical supply chains and is truly globally accessible.According to the LA Times on March 24, “The gold market in New York is facing a historic squeeze as t… … More