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  • Major Financial Clearinghouse Is Exploring Ethereum for Digital Asset Management

    The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation’s new prototype leverages the Ethereum blockchain to streamline capital markets activity.The financial services industry has taken another step forward into blockchain-based digital assets with the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation’s recent release of their Project Whitney Case Study. The platform, which uses Ethereum as its core technology, embraces a new approach to the representation of value in capital markets and signals an era of in… … More

  • Scaling connections with Ruby and MongoDB

    By Michael de HoogCoinbase was launched 8 years ago as a Ruby on Rails app using MongoDB as its primary data store. Today, the primary paved-road language at Coinbase is Golang, but we continue to run and maintain the original Rails monolith, deployed at large scale with data stored across many MongoDB clusters.This blog post outlines some scaling issues connecting from a Rails app to MongoDB, and how a recent change to our database connection management solved some of these issues.Global VM Loc… … More

  • Container technologies at Coinbase

    Why Kubernetes is not part of our stackBy Drew Rothstein, Director of EngineeringTLDR: Container orchestration platforms are complex and amazing technologies, helping some businesses and teams solve a whole suite of problems. What’s commonly overlooked however, is that container technologies also create a large set of challenges that must be overcome to prevent failures.This post is adapted from an internal blog post as I haven’t seen many write-ups like this externally available. Minimal redact… … More

  • How €350M Worth of Real Estate Was Tokenized on Ethereum

    Behind the scenes of Mata Capital’s landmark tokenization project and what it means for the future of asset management.“This marks the beginning of a radical transformation of the real estate asset management sector.”–Matthieu Bouchaud, Product Lead at Codefi AssetsFrom title token prototypes in the UK to fractionalized condos in Manhattan, real estate tokenization has emerged in recent years as one of the most here-and-now use cases of blockchain technology for large asset and property managers… … More

  • 30 Blockchain Platform Technical Factors

    Key technical aspects to consider when choosing a blockchain platform for your business use case.By Clemens Wan, Solution Architect at ConsenSysIf your choice of blockchain platform has less to do with the business factors (see 30 Blockchain Platform Business Factors), then perhaps you’re looking at some of the technical aspects for your use case. This list of 30 runs through blockchain-specific questions that should be top of mind when vetting a platform.DevOps / Network / Deployment / Protocol… … More

  • 30 Blockchain Platform Business Factors

    Key considerations for choosing the optimal enterprise blockchain platform for your business use case.By Clemens Wan, Solution Architect at ConsenSysWhen picking a blockchain platform that’s “ledger-appropriate” to your business use case, you likely want to do some due diligence and create a rubric that justifies your business and technical choices to your stakeholders and team. Here are some business factors that might be considered for your platform choice (for technical considerations, read 3… … More

  • Introducing Keyper for cell management on Nervos

    On smart contract platforms, it is common for users to have a single address they use consistently. However, the cell model of Nervos presents a different design paradigm, in which users will likely control many different cells that use different lock scripts. This design gives powerful flexibility when interfacing with the blockchain. To control cell ownership, developers can specify conditions and make use of any number of cryptographic primitives to control cell ownership. An example of this… … More

  • The Complete Guide to Blockchain Business Networks

    Download our latest guide on the benefits of decentralized networks for enterprise consortia.Our new Guide to Blockchain Business Networks is designed for enterprises that want to understand the proven benefits of decentralized networks for business use cases and how they compare to traditional business networks. This guide also offers best practices for creating a successful blockchain business network for your organization and industry.BBNs can be leveraged by organizations of any size, and fo… … More

  • 6 Blockchain Takeaways from Ethereal Virtual Summit 2020

    The most important quotes, insights, and predictions from industry leaders about the future of Ethereum, dapp development, enterprise adoption, DeFi, and more.“Ethereum is probably the only thing that transcends language, that transcends gender, that transcends religion, that transcends location. It’s a common language that people have gathered around. I don’t think there can be many of those-potentially only one.”Collin Myers, Global Product Strategy, ConsenSys CodefiOver the past two days, 200… … More

  • What is the Bitcoin Halving? is often called “digital gold” because just like gold, Bitcoin is a valuable, scarce resource that’s resistant to inflation.But unlike gold, Bitcoin is digital — it can be sent globally almost as easily as sending an email — and its scarcity is known — while it’s estimated that one could fit all the gold ever mined into a box that is only 65 feet wide, there’s no way of knowing for sure how much gold is still in the Earth. Bit… … More

  • Meet The Token List — An Accurate List of Authentic Tokens on Ethereum

    Imagine you’re trying out a new DeFi project. Everything is going smoothly; the instructions on screen guide you, making you feel confident in your actions. That is until you complete your transaction and then your tokens don’t arrive. You start to get that sinking feeling in your stomach as you realize you’ve received tokens the wrong tokens… Looking at your transaction confirmation you realize you received a token with the same name and ticker symbol as the one you … … More

  • Ethereum by the Numbers — April 2020

    Ethereum by the Numbers — April 2020Explore the latest network milestones, DeFi activity, enterprise blockchain trends, Ethereum 2.0 mechanics, and more.Last month, value transfer on Ethereum reached parity with the Bitcoin blockchain, due in large part to increasing demand for stablecoins. Enterprise interest in public chain development is growing, particularly with the buzz around the Baseline Protocol, Hyperledger Besu, and continued progress on advanced privacy and permissioning capabilities… … More

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