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  • This Week in DeFi – May 1st

    To Our DeFi Community,
    Another week in DeFi officially in the books!
    The most notable event this week was UMA – the permissionless derivatives and synthetic assets protocol – launching an Initial Uniswap Offering. For those that missed it, the offering deposited 2% of the 100M UMA supply into Uniswap along with roughly $500k in ETH, allowing anyone to participate. As a result, the token distribution event saw massive demand as UMA tokens were quickly soaked up from the open market. W… … More

  • The LAO Launches a Legally Compliant For-Profit Investment DAO

    The LAO – a legally compliant for-profit invest DAO created by OpenLaw – has officially launched on Ethereum mainnet. Let’s re-build how we capitalize new ventures. The journey to build a new, permissionless Silicon Valley for the Web3 begins with The LAO. THE LAO IS LIVE TODAY!
    Get approval here and then register in a matter a few clicks!
    — (@TheLAOOfficial) April 28, 2020 With a strong focus on allowing members to pool capital and invest in cutting… … More