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  • Tokenised ownership is the best coordination tool since equity

    Give someone a dollar, and they will help you for a day. Give them tokenised ownership, and they will be on your side for a lifetime.Original photo by Randy FathThe token, this digital representation of ownership, is the most powerful incentivisation and coordination tool since the advent of equity thanks to its frictionless distribution and adaptable properties. While there has been healthy scepticism around token experimentations over the past two years, certain token designs are indubitably v… … More

  • Build Sustainable DApps with your own X Blaster with Custom Fees

    TLDR: Integrating DEX.AG’s X Blaster with custom fees into your platform provides your users or smart contract with convenient native liquidity while allowing you to build a sustainable business model. Liquidity is vital for the growth of DeFi Users want to experience all DeFi has to offer. But often times to do that you need to swap between tokens or stablecoins. Liquidity is an important resource that enables DeFi’s composability and makes it possible for many DApps to func… … More

  • Meet The Token List — An Accurate List of Authentic Tokens on Ethereum

    Imagine you’re trying out a new DeFi project. Everything is going smoothly; the instructions on screen guide you, making you feel confident in your actions. That is until you complete your transaction and then your tokens don’t arrive. You start to get that sinking feeling in your stomach as you realize you’ve received tokens the wrong tokens… Looking at your transaction confirmation you realize you received a token with the same name and ticker symbol as the one you … … More

  • ELI5: What is Set protocol?

    TL;DR: Set protocol bundles crypto-assets into tokenized baskets that can be restructured based on any management or trading logic. The…Continue reading on Token Terminal » … More

  • ELI5: What is Ren?

    TL;DR: Ren is a protocol that enables private transfer of value between blockchains. Starting with BTC, BCH and ZEC, the goal is to bring cross-chain assets to Ethereum. Ren is essentially a decentralized version of WBTC. The mainnet is just weeks away.HistoryOriginally, in 2017, the team started building a decentralized dark pool (an exchange where the order book is hidden) but decided later to focus on interoperability.How is Ren used?Any app on Ethereum can use Ren’s interoperability layer in… … More

  • Social Money

    Lately there’s been some buzz around the concept of social money in the crypto space. If you&… … More

  • A taxonomy of token models and valuation methodologies

    Over the last 18 months, our collective understanding of token economics has progressed significantly. To be clear, we’re still at the very initial stages of the burgeoning field of token economics (also known as crypto-economics or tokenomics) and there is still a huge amount of work to be done.However, this is to be expected; financial markets have existed since the 1600s and yet it wasn’t until Ben Graham’s 1934 “Security Analysis” that the now ubiquitous Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) methodolog… … More