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  • Dharma Launches StackingStreakSweepstakes

    Starting today, you can be entered into a sweepstakes to win $50 for buying ETH on Dharma.  Eligibility Requirements:1. Buy at least $50 of ETH on Dharma by 12pm PST on Friday, 3 July 20202. All trades are valid, both crypto trades and purchases directly from a debit card3. Tweet at @dharma_hq with a screenshot of your ETH purchase from your activity feed as so: Tweet your ETH purchase card @dharma_hq to be entered to win prize $$ That’s it Sweepstakes Details:1. Once the … … More

  • Dharma Submits Compound Prop 12 to Update cDAI Interest Rate Model

    Summary Five days ago, we made an informal proposal on Compound Governance Discussion board to update the cDAI interest rate model. Post here. Over the past five days, our post saw excellent discussion and community validation. And as such, today we submitted a formal proposal to update the cDAI interest rate model on Compound. Proposal Transaction: Compound Governance Proposal: https… … More

  • Dharma Votes to Pass Prop 11

    Context:Dharma is a voting delegation in the new Compound open governance system. We have decided to record our governance decisions in blog posts, so that the community can see our reasoning and voting record over time. Proposal Title: COMP Distribution Patch (Link) Proposer: Geoffrey Hayes Dharma Vote: Yes Rationale: Over the past few weeks, it has been clear that the COMP distribution mechanism is being exploited. This started with the cUSDT market, and quickly rotated int… … More

  • MCDEX – 10x Perpetual Contracts Powered by Order Book/AMM Hybrid

    DeFi has been on fire lately. Following the space has been absolutely riveting. We’ve got another sneak peek of an interesting DeFi protocol for you today. The folks over at MCDEX have taken decentralized perpetual contracts and combined them with a hybrid on-chain AMM/off-chain order book in their recent upgrade MCDEX V2. MCDEX’s first decentralized perpetual contract ETH-PERP launching Monday June 29th, 2020 makes full use of this hybrid model to enable users to trade ETH/USD … … More

  • Dharma Votes to Pass Prop 10

    Context:Dharma is a voting delegation in the new Compound open governance system. We have decided to record our governance decisions in blog posts, so that the community can see our reasoning and voting record over time. Proposal Title: Adjusting COMP distribution speed to match Ethereum network block time and increasing higher-risk assets Reserve Factor (link) Proposer: blck Dharma Vote: Yes Rationale: This was a difficult vote for Dharma to make. We considered this proposal… … More

  • Gitcoin Grants Round 6

    $175K in matching. Contribute today! Welcome, Gitcoiners, to the 6th round of Gitcoin Grants. We hope you like the makeover!  Your contributions to these projects are eligible for $175K in matching donations over the next 2+ weeks. Contribute to make your voice heard! In Gitcoin Grants Round 5, we raised a total of $492K amongst […]
    The post Gitcoin Grants Round 6 appeared first on Gitcoin’s Blog. … More

  • KERNEL For Teams

    KERNEL is an 8-week, invite-only program for top tech talent looking to build relationships, products, and companies in blockchain and Web 3. 100 talented peers from around the world will join the KERNEL this June, and will be surrounded by leading mentors from the Web3 community. Our goal is to provide KERNEL Fellows with opportunities […]
    The post KERNEL For Teams appeared first on Gitcoin’s Blog. … More

  • Balancer – Start Liquidity Mining and Earn BAL Tokens Today

    Liquidity is paramount to the growth of DeFi. Many DApps require reliable pools of liquidity to function. One of the most interesting project’s innovating in the pool liquidity space is Balancer. If you haven’t heard of Balancer, now’s a great time to learn because Balancer is about to start distributing BAL tokens to liquidity providers on June 1st, 2020 at 00:00 UTC. What is Balancer? Balancer is a non-custodial generalized automatic market maker (AMM) protocol tha… … More

  • Dharma Layer 2 Update – Introducing Tiramisu

    Two months ago, we announced our intention to build our own Layer Two scalability system for supporting peer-to-peer payments. Today, we’re excited to open-source Tiramisu, our implementation of the concept. Tiramisu consists of a suite of Solidity smart contracts and an accompanying node, written in TypeScript and exposing a GraphQL interface. It tracks the state of all accounts in the system and enforces each state transition via its state machine to ensure that all updates are consistent…. … More

  • BuiDL Money Legos with Aave: New York Blockchain Week

    Heyo Gitcoiners! With an entire city of hackers, coders and blockchain innovators relocated on our platform, the atmosphere is just buzzing with creative energy. A lot of this energy is being channels towards Aave – the hottest new DeFi project on the block(chain).
    The post BuiDL Money Legos with Aave: New York Blockchain Week appeared first on Gitcoin’s Blog. … More

  • BitLicense Creator Is Back, This Time With a $140 Million Bitcoin Fund

    It has been revealed that the architect of the controversial BitLicense, Benjamin Lawsky, may have leveraged his position as a lawmaker to help serve a Bitcoin fund.
    Bitlicense Has Its Benefits
    A recent SEC filing revealed Lawsky is now part of a $140 million Bitcoin fund, which is also using the BitLicense. In the SEC filing of the fund, NYDIG ASSET ADVISORY LLC is listed as the fund’s general partner.
    Ben Lawsky is listed as an elected manager and controlling person of the adv… … More

  • Free staking on Ethereum 2.0 and Secret Shared Validators

    Did you know that one of the largest exchanges already provides free staking? Here’s three secrets you should know about Ethereum 2.0 staking and what to do about them. You’ll want to know about free staking, but more important is doing it with Secret Shared Validators to help maintain network security. But first, by reporting some facts it can be perceived that there’s businesses the author biases.  In truth, there’s little bias and don’t shoot the m… … More

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