The Case For DeFi Rate Governance

In the past year, we’ve seen a wide number of initiatives to further distribute governance into the hands of the community. Examples include but are not limited to:

Now that we’re starting to see some of these experiments pan out live, it’s time for us to band together and consider those which will make strong delegates in the coming months.

Key Delegate Considerations

As we scour the governance leaderboards and look for who to delegate to, here are some important topics to keep in mind:

  • Specialized Knowledge – Is this party well versed on the subject?
  • Experience – Does this party have a background that makes them well suited to make the right choices?
  • Intent – How does this party stand to benefit from being a delegate?
  • Direction – Where would this party like to see the project go? How will this influence their decisions?
  • Commitment – Will this party be active in its governance participation and due diligence?

More specifically, each protocol has a unique set of rules, features and design choices that will make given individuals (or parties) better suited to handle governance decisions.

Our Goal

In this article, we’ll be making a case for why DeFi Rate should be a leading DeFi governance delegate.

In the spirit of transparency, all DeFi Rate governance will be handled through our official governance wallet – defirate.eth.

We believe that the permissionless nature of allowing anyone to see how we’re voting, what tokens are being received and how those rewards are being spent are a crucial component to making a trusted delegate.

Furthermore, we plan on providing reports surrounding why different governance decisions were made, and actively invite our delegates to join the conversation via an official DeFi Rate channel to be announced in the near future.

With that, let’s touch on why someone might want to delegate to DeFi Rate.

Why DeFi Rate?

Extensive Coverage

Since July of 2019, we’ve been covering virtually every major story in DeFi that we find relevant and valuable to the wider community. This has given DeFi Rate a front-row seat to the growing trends within DeFi, specifically the emergence of governance frameworks.

What’s unique about this positioning is that DeFi Rate has strong ties with both emerging and established communities within DeFi, making us well equipped to garner feedback and perceptions from a diverse range of users.

The best way to synthesize this coverage is by checking out the various segments we offer on the site. The goal is to create a trusted resource for all things DeFi – specifically geared towards nontechnical users looking to keep up with the trends without being forced to do a deep dive.

Rounding this point out, we believe our due diligence on sector relevant news, trends and data has given us a strong oversight of community sentiment and feel that this sentiment will be directed in a value-added way towards DeFi protocol governance.

Community Contributions

Our team has worked with and been featured on notable outlets including but not limited to:

  • This Week in Ethereum
  • ETHHub
  • Bankless
  • The Defiant
  • Our Network
  • Alltop
  • Kyber Network
  • Set Protocol
  • POAP

Similarly, our team members have spent an extensive amount of time interfacing with rising DAOs like Moloch, MetaCartel and Raid Guild just to name a few.

This focus on social coordination makes us well suited to help stimulate off-chain discussions, meetings and forums regarding various protocol upgrades. Beyond the discussions themselves, we believe we have a strong grasp on the tools which enable governance to succeed, largely aiming to help protocols better optimize their frameworks through user-tests and surveys.

Passion for DeFi

Perhaps the most obvious trait for a good delegate is that of passion. While DeFi Rate is a relatively new brand, our team is highly motivated to help shape a bright future for DeFi as a whole.

While there may be other delegates with more experience in the legacy financial sector, we believe we are among the most well suited to be actively engaged in any and all votes that come to the table.

For the vast majority of our team, DeFi Rate is the pillar project we are building our future career off of, and believe that this opportunity is a fantastic way to better demonstrate the value of learning to survive and thrive in a decentralized world.

To us, delegation is a core foundation towards creating a trusted brand. By effectively voting and influencing protocols in what we believe to be a value-added fashion, we’re hopeful that our collective knowledge can show that DeFi Rate is more than just a blog.

At the end of the day, the value which is derived from governing the permissionless financial primitives of tomorrow is truly boundless, and we believe this opportunity will allow us to be even more inept to deliver compelling real-time trends to the broader DeFi community.

Who Are We?

Under the hood, DeFi Rate is led by a suite of crypto enthusiasts. Here’s some context.

Governance Team

Kendall Saville – FOUNDER –

Cooper Turley – EDITOR – 

Lucas Campbell – ANALYST –

Full Team

DeFi Dude – WRITER – 

Kieran Oday – WRITER – 

Alejandro Miguel – WRITER – 

  • 5+ years of industry experience

Looking Ahead

This resource is meant to serve as an overview on why DeFi Rate is well suited to handle governance of any DeFi protocol.

For each new opportunity that arises, DeFi Rate will make unique proposals as to why we belive we would make a good delegate in that specific system.

If you or your team would like to delegate to us for any number of DeFi projects and are looking for more information on how to do so, please DM us on Twitter.

For more news on all things DeFi, check out our newsletter!

Disclaimer: DeFi Rate may earn rewards or fees from acting as a delegate on any given DeFi protocol. All rewards can be reviewed directly on the defirate.eth wallet address and we will aim to be as transparent as possible in any rewards earned from governance.

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