The K-Shaped Recovery Is Now Undeniable Off The Chain

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To investors,

One of the recurring themes in this letter over the last few weeks has been a “K-shaped” recovery. The idea is that coming out of the economic shock earlier this year, the wealthiest Americans were recovering quickly, while those without significant assets or income were continuing to struggle.

Putting the debate over a specific letter in the alphabet aside, this idea of two Americas and their polar opposite responses to the economic shock made sense. We just didn’t have material data to unpack around the thesis.

Thankfully, Harvard economist Raj Chetty has been working diligently to solve that problem. He and his team released a new tool in the last few months that highlights the economic situation on a county, city, and neighborhood level across the United States. Bloomberg wrote a great article about Chetty and the work he has been doing, which you can read here.

I played around with the tool for awhile this morning and was impressed with the insights that it provided. First, it is obvious that high-wage worker employment has basically recovered to pre-COVID levels, but low-wage workers are still suffering significantly.

As of September 2020, total consumer spending in the United States is only down 3.8% compared to January of this year.

But when you break consumer spending down by socioeconomic class, you realize that low income citizens are spending more today than they were in January and high income citizens are spending almost 10% less.

So what industries are winning and losing during this volatility of consumer spending? Across all socioeconomic classes, grocery spending is up 10% year-to-date, and restaurant/hotels (-24%) and transportation (-46%) are down significantly.

Chetty’s team also tracks small business revenue. As you would imagine, the national small business revenue across industries is down more than 20% since January.

Leisure and hospitality are down almost 50% nationally, while other industries are hovering around 10% decreases year-to-date.

Some of the drop in revenue may be attributed to the percentage of small businesses that are open. Unsurprisingly, more than 20% of small businesses remain closed compared to January of this year.

And Leisure and Hospitality businesses are more than twice as likely to be closed at the moment compared to other industries.

If so many businesses are still closed, you would expect open job roles to be down as well. While this is true, the 6% decrease in job postings compared to January 2020 was a much lower drawdown than I would have anticipated.

What is interesting is that the job postings that require the highest amount of education are down more than job postings that require minimal education.

Lastly, the student progress in math is actually up nationally since January 2020.

But when broken out by socioeconomic class, we see a very different story.

Raj Chetty and his team are finally presenting data that supports the idea of a “K-shaped” recovery. If you’re wealthy or have high income, the recession is essentially over for you. If you are less fortunate, you are still struggling to navigate the economic carnage.

Hope each of you has a great day.


This installment of The Pomp Letter is free for everyone. I send this email to our investors daily. If you would also like to receive it every morning, join the 75,000 other investors today.

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