The Next Stage of DeFi Pulse Data has Arrived

Since its launch, DeFi Pulse has tracked data and analytics for the most popular applications in decentralized finance (DeFi) popularizing the Total Value Locked (TVL) metric and becoming a vital source of information in the community. Seeing our metrics cited in so many places from tweets to articles to even academic research, we created DeFi Pulse Data to allow anyone to access our data for their needs in one easy to use dashboard.

And as DeFi continues to grow, we believe it is extremely important to provide the data and resources needed to sustain this growth. That is why we’re introducing the next stage of DeFi Pulse Data.

Since its launch, DeFi Pulse Data has successfully made key Ethereum and DeFi ecosystem data accessible to users by combining DeFi Pulse’s popular DeFi metrics with critical data from Concourse Open’s other services like ETH Gas Station, DEX.AG and Rekto. Now, we’re expanding our data services with new industry-leading third party data providers like Pools.FYI and

Making data accessible to everyone

The DeFi Pulse Data platform brings together API and data services from across the Ethereum and blockchain ecosystem. We leverage some of the best data providers like ETH Gas Station, Pools.FYI,, DEX.AG and Rekto. These providers power many of the money legos we all love and use today. 

The platform makes it easy for direct integration into DApps, websites, and dashboards. While many of our endpoints provide CSV formatting for all of the researchers, marketers, companies, consultants, and journalists that need access to blockchain data that is ready for analysis. Sign up for a free API key at DeFi Pulse Data to explore the data yourself – no credit card required.

DeFi aggregate TVL will likely hit $3 billion in a matter of hours 🚀

This is a graph that simply can’t be overlooked by the mainstream much longer 👇🏼

— Spencer Noon (@spencernoon) July 20, 2020

We love seeing the cool ways people use our data. And, our hope is that this platform provides a great resource for newcomers and veterans alike, aiding their research and helping projects be built more efficiently and effectively.

We’ve officially reached the $100M market size milestone! 🥂🎊🎉

Much ❤ to the Aave & DeFi Fam. We could not have done this without all of your feedback and support!

Data credits to @defipulse 🙏

🔊sound on

— Aave (@AaveAave) June 10, 2020

Not to mention, we’re proud seeing the stories told and milestones celebrated by communities with our data. We couldn’t be more excited to now offer even more insightful data with third party providers.

Making data sustainable for providers

This is just the beginning; DeFi Pulse Data is not a static set of endpoints and data. We are always looking to add more partners and publishers. Our goal is to serve as a launch pad for users to discover all the cool analysis and helpful API services out there in DeFi. 

As we previously mentioned, creating infrastructure that is not only accessible but is also sustainable is what we believe will ultimately keep DeFi moving forward. Researchers and developers need reliable data and APIs to design and build the DeFi services of tomorrow. Additionally, data providers need to be able to sustainably support themselves in order to continue providing reliable data into the future.

Monetize your data via DeFi Pulse Data

Do you run an API or provide valuable data to the community? We want to work with you. If you’re interested in providing data or monetizing your service, click here.

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