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Episode: #38 – The World Is Waking Up To Crypto | Raoul Paul

November 2nd, 2020

Raoul Pal is the CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, which is a content production studio focused on democratizing access to financial knowledge. He’s an investor with a sharp eye on the global macro environment, and has a strong grasp on the relationship between history and economics.

Raoul is famous for being ‘irresponsibly long’ on Bitcoin, and has expressed similar favorable attitudes towards Ethereum and DeFi. 

We start the episode asking about the role that Bitcoin fills in the current financial crises. 

What about the current state of the world makes Raoul bullish on Bitcoin? Why does the world need it? Why now?

What are the factors that are influencing the incentives behind central governments printing money?

Raoul is generally of the opinion that the money printer is going to be forced to turn on. Why forced? How does the looming retirement crisis impact the valuation of Bitcoin?

Does Raoul think about how the U.S. might become really jealous of people taking their newly printing money and buying Bitcoin with it?

Then, we turn the conversation to Ethereum, ETH, and the Bankless thesis!

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