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To the DeFi Community,

In the midst of a yield farming frenzy, governance tokens are starting to show signs of true value.

Despite Curve’s APY’s constantly dropping, we saw the Compound pool returns spike to over 300%, a direct result of someone tossing millions worth of CRV into the DAO to boost weighing in their favor. While the YFI community was busy celebrating the yFlippening (where 1 YFI passed the price of 1 BTC), competition ensued for both projects to lock tokens to increase their respective rewards (yCRV in the case of yEarn).

What emerges is an interesting paradigm in which projects aggregate governance weight to better influence their standing relative to competitors. We’ve seen this today with partner projects like Dharma’s participation in Compound governance and less favorably with FTX’s gaming of Balancer rewards. Now, we’re seeing yEarn leverage Nexus Mutual as an underwriter for their new yInsurance. All protocol changes are discussed in the open, and teams are starting to use this to their advantage. a new insurance primitive

— (@iearnfinance) August 17, 2020

But what happens when the big dogs join the conversation?

This week we saw Binance flexing their “DeFi” participation with a series of Savings projects geared towards retail participation. While this is all good and fun for Binance to leverage Compound, we’re entering dangerous territory in which centralized giants *could* bend DeFi protocols at whim through governance. It’s no surprise they’re quickly starting to list any and all DeFi tokens in a means to aggregate as many deposits (and therefore as much voting power) as possible.

Luckily, we’ve yet to see any monumental governance votes which make or break these protocols.

Still, we need to stay on our toes. While key community members are rallying around sustainable governance, the sharks are lurking.

In the meantime, let’s keep a positive mind and recognize that DeFi isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

And this trend goes to solidify the sector is one which simply cannot be ignored.


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In Other News…

Stat Box

  • Total Value Locked: $6.62 (up +19% from last week)
  • DeFi Market Cap: $11.7B (up +19%)
  • DEX 7 Day volume: $2.5B (up +4%)
  • DAI supply: 433.8M (up +5%)
  • Total DeFi users: 277,000 (up 5%)

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We’ve done an extensive amount of coverage on Aavenomics – a new suite of protocol upgrades that incentives protocol safety through AAVE rewards and protocol fees. The best part about Aavenomics is that all of its parameters – including the logistics of Aave yield farming – are governed by tokenholders. There’s a ton of good activity happening on the Aave governance forum and we’d definitely recommend checking it out if you fancy yourself to be an Aavenger.

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