This Week in DeFi – October 16th DeFi Rate

To the DeFi Community,

The sector’s most explosive quarter to date is in the books.

Q3 of 2020 shaped up to be one for the ages, with virtually every metric from TVL to token prices and unique users skyrocketing by more than 20x from the previous quarter. For a full rundown on just how parabolic the growth was, check out this awesome report by Lucas on Bankless.

While the hype has admittedly started to calm down, the ripples of DeFi are continuing to make waves in every corner of the wider web3 ecosystem.

This week’s crypto Twitter conversation was flooded by big brains discussing the tradeoffs, advantages, and designs of different AMMs, a topic solidifying DEXs permanent role in the trading of magic internet money.

It’s pretty neat now that decentralized exchanges have had so much volume that a lot of the conversation went from debating centralized vs decentralized exchanges to debating what is/will be the more successful DEX model.

— Linda Xie (@ljxie) October 15, 2020

While the yield chasers are scrambling to keep their harvests ripe, there’s certainly been no shortage of new projects going to market. In the past week alone, we’ve seen Kwenta, Honeyswap and Barn Bridge open their doors, the last two offering liquidity mining programs for HNY and BOND tokens respectively.

The biggest takeaway here is that the days of earning a sizeable position in new projects through farming may be a thing of the past. With any remotely popular project seeing millions of dollars flood into smart contracts in the first 24 hours, small farmers should be wary that even $10,000 worth of capital is commonly only netting single digits worth of tokens on a weekly basis.

Now, don’t get me wrong. 100% APY is nothing to cry about. But, let us use the end of Q4 to explore new forms of token distribution, and get back on track from spinning shitcoins into curating value into protocols pushing forward the future of finance.

Until then, stay hungry!

– Cooper

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Kwenta Launches Derivatives Trading

New exchange built on Synthetix launched derivatives trading for the full suite of Synths

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Cream Finance delists FTT

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In Other News…

Stat Box

  • Total Value Locked: $11.02B (up +3.9% from last week)
  • DeFi Market Cap: $15.9B (down -1.8%)
  • DEX Weekly volume: $2.8B (down -15%)
  • DAI supply: 905.7M (up +2.4%) 
  • Total DeFi users: 622K (up +27%)

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