This Week in DeFi – September 25th DeFi Rate

To the DeFi Community,

Ethereum continues to act as a gravity well for global financial assets. And Bitcoin and US Dollars are the first victims.

There’s now over $1B in tokenized BTC circulating the Ethereum economy. At the beginning of June, Ethereum featured over 5,000 BTC on the network. Fast forward to today and there’s over 107,000 BTC, an increase of over 2,000% in a few short months. It’s undeniable that Ethereum creates a gravitational pull for these assets to integrate themselves into the growing DeFi ecosystem. While OG protocols like Compound and Aave offered an enticing incentive to lend out your BTC to earn interest or leverage its value as collateral to borrow other assets, the introduction of yield farming drove this incentive to new heights. And it shows.

Today, we saw Three Arrows Capital execute the biggest mint in WBTC history, tokenizing over 2,300 BTC on Ethereum in a single transaction. The second and third highest were done by Alameda Research who minted 1,999 BTC and 1,799 BTC in two separate transactions just earlier this month. Both firms are well-known to be active DeFi participants, so we can only expect that this newly-minted Bitcoin will be put to work somewhere within the ecosystem over the coming days, weeks, and months.

And while DeFi still largely relies on the consortium-model BTC, we’re beginning to diversify our offerings. Ren Protocol‘s renBTC continues to see adoption as the protocol has now facilitated over $230M in tokenized Bitcoin since its launch in early June. Moreover, we finally saw the launch of Keep Network’s highly anticipated tBTC this week. In essence, tBTC is a trust-minimized version of Bitcoin collateralized by ETH. Since its launch a few days ago, the community has tokenized nearly $2M in tBTC – likely a small sign of what’s to come.

If anything, this is only the beginning of BTC on Ethereum as the network has attracted a mere 0.5% of all BTC in existence.

A significant number, but likely a glimpse of what’s to come.

– Lucas

P.S. DeFi crossed $10B in value locked. Another amazing milestone for the community. We’re on to $100B.

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In Other News…

Stat Box

  • Total Value Locked: $10.7B (up +17% from last week)
  • DeFi Market Cap: $16,14B (up +8%)
  • DEX 7 Day volume: $4.76B (down -12%)
  • DAI supply: 897.7M (up 37%) 
  • Total DeFi users: 486K (up +6%)

Bonus Reads

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Aave is a leading lending protocol supporting dozens of the top DeFi tokens. Aave recently showcased an EMI license, giving them the ability to onboard new users directly into DeFi through their parent company – Aave Limited.

We’ve done an extensive amount of coverage on Aavenomics – a new suite of protocol upgrades that incentives protocol safety through AAVE rewards and protocol fees. The best part about Aavenomics is that all of its parameters – including the logistics of Aave yield farming – are governed by tokenholders. There’s a ton of good activity happening on the Aave governance forum and we’d definitely recommend checking it out if you fancy yourself to be an Aavenger.

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