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As the bull market heats up again, millions of new people will be flooding into the Ethereum and crypto ecosystems over the next few years. These people are going to be hungry to learn everything they can about Ethereum, DeFi, DAOs, NFT’s and crypto more generally – I want to be one of the people that provides the content that they are looking for.

To that end, I’m excited to announce that I’m turbocharging The Daily Gwei by launching an entire ecosystem around it. This ecosystem will consist of a brand new Youtube channel where I’ll be giving daily video recaps and providing educational video content, a Discord server for The Daily Gwei community to congregate in and an official Twitter account for The Daily Gwei.

Educating people is one of the things I’m most passionate about and it’s why I’ve been doing it for many years through both bull and bear markets. I launched The Daily Gwei back in June of this year with a mission to keep people up to date and educated on Ethereum every single week day. In saying that, The Daily Gwei newsletter tends to appeal to people already in the Ethereum ecosystem – especially those already deep down the rabbit hole. Because of this, I got to thinking about what more I could do to help people that are brand new to Ethereum or are still at the start of their journey – that’s why I’m expanding The Daily Gwei ecosystem in the ways I described above.

The Daily Gwei YouTube channel will be home to daily video recaps of about 20-30 minutes in length that cover the hottest things happening in the Ethereum ecosystem on that particular day. Additionally, the YouTube channel will be home to educational videos on everything Ethereum as well as guest interviews from time to time. The Discord server will be a place for all kinds of Ethereans to congregate in and discuss any topic that they want to with both newbies and experts alike.

The daily recaps on YouTube will be livestreamed every week day at 1PM UTC / 8AM EST / 2PM CET / 9PM HKT (convert to your timezone here). The recaps will cover everything that happened in the Ethereum/crypto ecosystem over the previous 24 hours.

The first daily recap will be streamed on Wednesday the 25th of November.

What about EthHub?

So as most of you probably know, I’m also the Co-Founder of EthHub alongside Eric Conner – a central place for Ethereum educational content, a weekly recap podcast and a weekly newsletter. I want to assure you that nothing is changing with EthHub – I’ll still be doing it alongside The Daily Gwei – you can think of The Daily Gwei as a “sister project” to EthHub! On that note, be sure to subscribe to the EthHub newsletter and podcast.

I’m extremely excited for the future of the entire Ethereum ecosystem and I’m even more excited that we get to finally show off all of the amazing tech that we’ve built during the bear market to an entirely new cohort of users.

Have a great day everyone,
Anthony Sassano

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