⚡️Using Zapper To Save Time & Gas entering yVaults 🧠 DeFi Tutorials


What are yVaults? Who are they for? And what are the risks involved?

We made a short video tutorial to help you get started. Make sure to check out additional community resources below 👇

Why use a Zap as opposed to doing it yourself?

To save time and gas. Typically DeFi users have to perform 3-4 transactions in order to achieve a desired DeFi action. For example: if you have ETH, to enter YFI Vault, you will first need to swap your ETH into YFI, after approve YFI, and finally supply YFI. Each one of these steps is a separate on-chain transaction, which you not only have to pay but also wait for to complete before you initiate your next one.

Additional community resources:

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New features:

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*As always, please note that Zapper.fi is an experimental project. Zapper.fi is not providing any investment advisory or recommendation service. By using Zapper.fi or its services, you agree that you are using the Services at your own risk and that you will not and do not hold Zapper.fi or its team members liable should the services not perform as per your expectation. Zapper.fi is not a licensed financial advisor under any law. Please consult your own independent investment advisor before making any investment decisions.

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