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Community Vote Results

Compound’s community vote #3 is now complete! Maker (MKR) and Tether (USDT) received the most votes from the 1,547 participating users; a total of 802,455 (weighted) votes out of approximately 2 million potential votes were cast.

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Etherscan Compound Integration

Etherscan has integrated with Compound and now provides a detailed supply, borrow, and transactions tracker.

To try this with your address simply go to this URL and paste in your address to see the information on supply, borrows and transactions: 

Coinbase USDC Bootstrap Fund

Coinbase is showing strong support for the growing DeFi ecosystem with a dedicated USDC fund, which supplied 1,000,000 USDC to the Compound protocol.

Robert Leshner says that the USDC Bootstrap Fund can be seen as “the starting point for the legitimization of open finance” and states:

Coinbase is a financial institution and the fact that it’s engaging with open financial applications is going to be seen as a rallying cry for other institutions to do the same.”

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Current total supply is at $156.0 million, with 11,430 suppliers, and current total borrowing is at $39.7 million, with 1,347 borrowers.

For live figures please refer to our /markets page.


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