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Devices from Ledger and Portal Wallet interface

Recently, we shared part one of our deep dive exploring Portal Wallet and how the new decentralized app (dApp) on Nervos CKB enables users to use their existing Ethereum wallets to send and receive CKB.

Now, team members from Portal Wallet have released a step-by-step guide to using Ledger to access CKB and deposit it into Nervos DAO, as well as perform other related tasks. While Ledger Nano S/X support for CKB has not been released, Portal Wallet’s unique and innovative technology brings this unique user experience to life.

 — @Lay2dev

Having only recently launched on CKB, Portal Wallet — one of the first two cohorts to join Nervos’ incubator CKLabs — is already making incredible strides in the blockchain and crypto space. We look forward to sharing more updates from the P-Wallet soon, including part two of our deep dive into all things Portal Wallet. Stay tuned!

For the full tutorial, visit Portal Wallet’s blog.

For more information on Lay2, the team behind Portal Wallet, join their community on Discord or follow them on Twitter.

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