Watch Our Free On-Demand Webinar: The Future of Finance

Watch Our Free On-Demand Webinar: The Future of Finance — Digital Assets and DeFi

A discussion on the macro financial and technological trends that are contributing to the exponential growth in decentralized finance.

We have seen DeFi progress across financial industry sectors — from payments to banking, lending, investing, and insurance. Financial institutions are also transforming as they mutualize data through digitization and standards, share that data and workflow on blockchains, move small elements of business logic into tokens, and eventually transition all supporting software into programmable financial instruments. Once there are thousands of decentralized autonomous financial manufacturers, what will be left for financial incumbents, emerging fintechs, and global AI tech companies?

In our “Future of Finance” webinar, Lex Sokolin, Global Fintech and Codefi Co-Head at ConsenSys, addresses these emerging mega trends and connects the dots on:

  • How different services are likely to interact together
  • The potential directions for creating valuable companies
  • How people and organizations can benefit from the emerging trend

Want to learn more about digital assets and decentralized finance? Watch “The Future of Finance” webinar today.

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