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Dear Bankless Nation,

This was a big week…

Eth2 getting closer so we published a guide to setting up a validator. Meanwhile the DeFi yield farming continues and we’re starting to recognize the premiums associated with it…but is it time for DeFi to wake up to the bear case on yield farming too?

And this was a big year…

Thursday marked the 1st birthday of Bankless 🎂. A movement birthed by bitcoin but reclaimed by this community during the depths of a bear market while the world called it dead.

I’m so proud of the Bankless Nation. 🏴

We’re beyond grateful to pioneer this journey alongside you.

Here’s to the bold ones…

Here’s to the bankless…

Here’s to a year on the journey together…

And here’s to the next. 🍻


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Recap for the week of August 24th, 2020


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📺 Watch State of the Nation #11: BUILDING — ETH2 TESNET BROKE? L2 WILL SAVE US, and THE P-P-PROTOCOL SINK THESIS with special guest Raul Jordan!

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  1. Execute any good market opportunities you saw in Market Monday

  2. Complete weekly assignment: 📺3 reasons you should be trading on Loopring

  3. Learn how to become a validator on Medalla testnet

  4. Play Bitcoin’s Scarcity Game

  5. Recognize The Bear Case for Yield Farming

  6. Share — what are you working on in crypto?

Watch & Listen

  1. 🎙️DeFi in the Eth2 Metropolis with Haseeb Qureshi

  2. 📺 Ryan & David in State of the Nation: BUILDING

  3. 📺 AMA with dYdX Founder — Antonio Juliano


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