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Dear Crypto Natives,

We’ve been thrust into a new normal. Things will move faster from here on out.

How to prepare? That’s depends. Do you think the past 50 years will look like the next 50? Or do think we need unconventional wisdom for unconventional times?

Believing in a more bankless future is unconventional now. A month ago believing it wasn’t just a flu was unconventional too. But a few smart people looked at the data and extrapolated.

That’s all we’re doing with bankless. We’re looking at the data—central banks printing non-stop, trust in institutions deteriorating, an open financial system flourishing—and we’re extrapolating.

We know what’s coming.

The 2020s belong to the bankless.

Let’s recap the week.


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Recap for the week of March 15th, 2020

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  5. Prepare for these 4 things to happen as we enter the Coronavirus era

  6. Tell us—How has the virus changed things for you?

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